Sunday, 25 August 2013

Chennai Express v/s Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaraa

Lately I have finished watching two movies (Yeah! I am still in the vacation mood) named Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaraa (OUAIMD). Both are Bollywood flicks. No more words, let's head to how I felt after watching them.

It may include some spoilers. Thus, be alert.

Chennai Express :: I saw this first. As the name expresses itself, the major movie portion happens to be shot in Chennai. Lead actors are flambuyount Shahrukh Khan and vase-figure owner Deepika Padukone. The movie starts on a funny note with Shahrukh's grand father in Mumbai. He is a crazy cricket (the game, not the night creature let me clear it) fan and when Sachin couldn't finish his century and gets bowled over at 99, the grand father gets a fatal heart attack and himself got bowled over at the age of 99 means went spot dead. To drift his ashes, Shahrukh has to go to Rameshwaram (South India). Instead, he intends to go to Goa for a trip but the destiny took a very unanticipated U-turn and he ended up with Meenamma (that's Deepika) in the train. From here now, the story revolves around both of them. There are some funny punches in between like this one ::

Shahrukh, "Hey Meenamma! There is no Impossible word in my dictionary"

Meenamma, "From where did you buy such ridiculous dictionary?"

Overall, Shahrukh's acting has got no new touch ups. It was as usual as his earlier movies. But surprisingly, Deepika has acted really well. The way she has portrayed a South Indian girl's stature and essence, it is enjoyable to see. She herself is a South Indian girl and she has delivered every dialogue with an impeccable South Indian tone. She is looking charming. The director, Rohit Shetty, has boxed up the scenic beauty of South India perfectly well. Rameshwaram scenes are nice to watch. There are some action scenes done up skillfully. Songs are ok ok types. At the end, I felt like Chennai Express is worth travelling only for once, not more than that.

OUATIMD :: Now comes the movie directed by versatile talented Ekta Kapoor. The story spins around a power possessed don Shoeb (portrayed by Akshay Kumar), his right hand Aslam (Imraan Khan) and Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha). Aslam meets Jasmine and  he instantly falls for her. Shoeb accidentally meets Jasmine. Jasmine is a very innocent girl, hailing from some other small town, I don't remember if I was to be honest. She comes to Mumbai to be a big brand heroine. Her innocence catches Shoeb off guard and he gets mad for her (like every other movie). But she loves Aslam and there will be a big deal if Shoeb and Aslam falls for the same girl (a usual trick directors use to catch audience's curious nerve). What happens at the end, I am not revealing. Go and watch it for yourself.

So, it's Ekta Kapoor movie and you can't expect a penny less from her. Songs are well written, dialogues are sharp and acting of all the lead actors are commendable. But one thing caught my attention. Shoeb, the international don, whose name is sufficient enough to keep you in your sac forever, keeps throwing dialogue per dialogue. I mean to say, let's imagine Dawood Ibrahim or Osama Bin Laden (if he was alive) throwing solid dialogues every time they meet someone. Imagine them running ahead of the horses (like Akshay has done), singing around the trees, trying to write poetry, smiling looking in the mirror, hopping on the ceiling on a film set disturbing the heroine's shoot and all this being in romance. How ridiculous they would be looking doing all these? One dialogue is there when the other villain shot Jasmine on her back, Akshay says,

"If you had asked for the whole Mumbai, I would have given it to you. But how dare you look at Jasmine? She is mine...forever"

Can Dawood or Osama could ever go banana over a girl at such extent? I can't imagine and you also stop doing this. One is a hopeless case and another one is already dead.

There is also a scene in the movie when Shoeb insists Jasmine to leave her to her home. Till this time she doesn't know about him being a don. Shoeb always wears black goggle, even at nights (how weird is that). When Jasmine sits inside the car, she asks why he wears the goggle every time. Shoeb takes it casually by saying that people gets the glimpse of what's going on inside my heart. But Jasmine insists him to take it off and then Shoeb asks her what she sees in his eyes. Precisely...very precisely at this point I knew that she would tell such thing that even Shoeb wouldn't be knowing about himself let alone the audience and exactly the same happened. Huh!! Bollywood movies are so predictable some times.

But anyways, Akshay has got good dialogues on his part, Imraan's acting has improved and Sonakshi...she has tried to look innocent but it didn't suit her. Her acting is average. But one more thing is there to talk about and that is the movie's climax. Ekta has given it a different touch. I liked it. The movie is good. My view is that Once upon.........dobaraa can be watched ekbaraa means once only. One song ding donged my heart and I have already added it into my blog. Find it here Ye tune kya kiya.

For me, it is OUATIMD a better flick to watch between the two. Hope you will enjoy watching these.

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