Thursday, 22 August 2013

A surprise birthday party

I had organized a surprise birthday party for my husband recently on our Cherai, Kerala trip. It was totally in a filmy style but the feelings were very real. I savored the astonishment on his face when he got to know about all of the surprise, what I was up to before leaving the home and during the long journey.

When we reached to our Club Mahindra resort coined as Indriya, Cherai, it was around seven in the evening and we hurriedly got freshen up. Sumit's birthday was on the same day of our arrival and to bowl him over, I had immaculately organized a surprise birthday party in advance at one of the resort's sea food restaurants (they serve veg items too). It was a Candle light dinner, taking care of every little detail right from the welcome drink to the yummy cake, bouquet to the final round of exotic dessert palate.

The family moment

While roaming the area I took Sumit to the party place very innocently, saying let's check out their in house restaurant (the party was on its terrace). On reaching the terrace, he encountered the beautifully decorated table. He grinned and said he knew it that I'd be doing something special for him. To prevent him to get the idea of my surprise, I hurriedly lied that the resort management had some offer to book a special table and I booked one just a few minutes ago. Funny thing was, he believed me and I let out an inaudible sigh of relief.

Then the party procession gradually started up. First came the savoring welcome drink and then, the deliciously looking birthday cake. Then I cheerfully broke the secret that I had organized a surprised party especially for him. He was so amazed and so happy looking at the moment. I wished to lock his smile forever. He hugged me and said,

Yummy Vanilla cake with Raspberry icing

"What was the need of all of it?"

I said, "O come on! What's a birthday without a cake" and he nodded blissfully.

He cut the cake and we fed one another. The cake was very delicious. Then we presented him a beautiful bouquet. The atmosphere was so serene and lovely that our merriment was enhanced at a much higher level. We along with our friends were talking and laughing and sharing things. They too loved the idea of me throwing such a surprise party. The terrace was a beach facing part of the restaurant. Enjoying every bite with the audible sea waves was quiet hypnotic. The lush verdant greenery too was adding the required magic to the ambiance. Finally, we settled down on the table to enjoy the scrumptious dinner. The best part of the dinner was the dessert assortment. Sumit got it clicked instantly before we dug into it. It was a perfect melody of souffle (heart shaped), brownies, an Orio cookie topped with whipped cream and orange jelly.

Music symbol was edible too!!

The dinner was delicious. I and Sumit thanked Mr. Unni for arranging everything as I had wanted. Later Sumit said, 

"No one had done such thing for me ever" to which I warmly replied, 

"Relax! I too hadn't done such thing before. It was the first timer for me too".


  1. i guess for his party there were no conditions applied*


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