Friday, 30 August 2013

"I am giving you The Iron Woman" :D

This, rather a funny anecdote, happened last Sunday. I was ironing some cloths at home. Nearby were my husband and son playing together. Our son, Ashmit, was getting hyper to watch Iron Man but neither of us were allowing him to do so. The onset of fictitious characters like Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, the concoction saga of all the super heroes The Avengers etc. have made watching movies a frenzy, frantic dose of a mania that can never be effective in any way for the children. Kids just can't stop watching them over and over again. There may happen the possibility of them to hop on the back seat after a while but their sequels never allow them to do so. We have to control their exposure towards the cinema lest they will end fantasizing more about these flicks instead of their priceless future. I am not being unfavorable for the movies but I am certainly not in the favor of their over dose either.

Anyway, so Ashmit was being stubborn about watching Iron Man 2 (though he has already watched it if not for once but for ten times if I am to say the truth). I was busy ironing cloths and Sumit was handling him by offering him some other board games. This incessant 'Yes-No' was going since a while. But Ashmit was stuck to his desire.

When Sumit couldn't get him convinced, he calmly said,

"So you wanna watch Iron Man...haan?" and then pointing towards me, he further added,

"I am giving you The Iron Woman. If I was ironing the cloths, I'd be The Iron Man. So happy now?"

My hands stopped ironing and my eyes darted towards his direction. Needless to say, I was highly amused and bemused simultaneously by the creative on spot narration of his entire new version of Iron Man and this time, Iron Woman too along!

Ashmit and I both paused for a second and then burst out into laughter. The laughter did the trick and this way, Sumit managed to get his son agreed for the board games.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

A call for the parent intervention

Few days back, a very sensitive issue happened. This issue was one of those calls that needs to be addressed with 'Proper attention' and 'Appropriate handling'.

So the moment happened like this. Our son was downstairs, playing with his two friends. One of his friend is little elder to him. Let's name that elder boy A. So, like other usual days, my son was playing with his friends next to my house on a gigantic sand heap. Actually, there is a construction work going on next to my building and the sand heap is poured down there for the process. It was an off day for my husband. Thus, we were doing some work at home. After a while, our son came and said that A has behaved ill towards him and then he explained. A indeed had done something that can not be counted as a normal behavior towards the other child.

Instantly I and my husband got worried. I got angry on the spot but my husband placated me. I was angry because while playing, kids should be well behaved especially towards others. They should not harm others or do such thing that is beyond the play time etiquette. I immediately told my husband to go over to meet A and solve the issue. Make him understand that such behavior will never be accepted. But he refused. He said,

"I will talk to him but not now. Wait for the appropriate time". I shook my head as I was still fuming. Thereupon, we directed our son to go to A and tell him to say sorry as he had done something wrong. He followed. When A said sorry to him, I calmed down nonetheless I had already decided to talk to A personally, not because I was holding any grudge against him but as a parent. The issue was the sure call of parent intervention. Gradually my anger found its ground and got buried. I was no more an angry mother.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I wish to...

I wish to be a child...again,
I wish to splash in pool...again,
I wish to enjoy the summers...again,
I wish to tie my hair with ribbon...again
I wish to meet my friends at school...again,
How so...
I wish to live my childhood all over...again.

Being a child is the most enticing bait,
When I had enjoyed myself at the fullest;
When I did drool over a lollipop,
That came with yummy chocolaty layer atop;
When I drove others crazy,
Keeping my tiny head as fresh as daisy;

But alas!
Gone are the tickling 'Childhood years',
When I loved to see Dexter, Johny Bravo
And those silly daily serials;
Now I have grown up,
Now I have liabilities to fill up;
Now I have a son to raise,
And a dream to chase;

How strange is this?
How hypnotic is this?
Life keeps changing,
Keeps rolling,
Like an unending film;
It only runs out of reel,
When there is nothing left to feel.

Monday, 26 August 2013

A grappling story of Abdullah and Pari

Currently I am reading And the mountains echoed by Khaled Hosseini. Khaled has also claimed two other interesting novels named as The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. I t to read them but will buy very soon as they have acclaimed international adulation.


Talking about And the mountains..., it starts with a story itself. A father narrating a story to two of his children. The story is quite attention grappling. I couldn't put it down until I finished the story told by the father. It is touchy and makes sense, given the situation they fall later in the novel.

It is paged 402 and I am currently at 196th. The story so far is, there are two main characters to talk about and they are siblings, Abdullah and his little sister, Pari. They live in a little town of Afghanistan called Shadbagh (a fictitious village). Abdullah has played the role of a father to Pari. He protects her, feeds her, walks with her and even trades his last pair of shoes just to get a beautiful feather for Pari's priceless feather collection. She is dearest to him. They have step mom who doesn't care well for them, especially to Abdullah. He craves for his real dead mother on several occasions and there I couldn't help myself but wince. They are lacking in finances and Abdullah's father, Saboor, has to work hard to manage their every day bread and butter.

One day, Saboor goes to Kabul to his brother-in-law, Nabi. Nabi is a driver of Wahdati's family. There Saboor leaves or better say, sells Pari to Mrs. Wahdati. Not that he is a cruel heartless father but just to make his both ends meet, he does this and till his last breath, he cursed himself for sending Pari away. Abdullah and Pari, two bodies but with one soul, find it very hard to survive without the other but yet, life moves on. They get busy but they keep remembering the other.

I am yet to read a lot in order to finish this detailed novel. Sometimes, I find details little boring. But I have to read them anyway. As the story is moving on, I am quite curious about Pari's and Abdullah's lives as in 'What-happens-next'. I am also glad to add this writing piece to my library collection.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Chennai Express v/s Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaraa

Lately I have finished watching two movies (Yeah! I am still in the vacation mood) named Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaraa (OUAIMD). Both are Bollywood flicks. No more words, let's head to how I felt after watching them.

It may include some spoilers. Thus, be alert.

Chennai Express :: I saw this first. As the name expresses itself, the major movie portion happens to be shot in Chennai. Lead actors are flambuyount Shahrukh Khan and vase-figure owner Deepika Padukone. The movie starts on a funny note with Shahrukh's grand father in Mumbai. He is a crazy cricket (the game, not the night creature let me clear it) fan and when Sachin couldn't finish his century and gets bowled over at 99, the grand father gets a fatal heart attack and himself got bowled over at the age of 99 means went spot dead. To drift his ashes, Shahrukh has to go to Rameshwaram (South India). Instead, he intends to go to Goa for a trip but the destiny took a very unanticipated U-turn and he ended up with Meenamma (that's Deepika) in the train. From here now, the story revolves around both of them. There are some funny punches in between like this one ::

Shahrukh, "Hey Meenamma! There is no Impossible word in my dictionary"

Meenamma, "From where did you buy such ridiculous dictionary?"

Overall, Shahrukh's acting has got no new touch ups. It was as usual as his earlier movies. But surprisingly, Deepika has acted really well. The way she has portrayed a South Indian girl's stature and essence, it is enjoyable to see. She herself is a South Indian girl and she has delivered every dialogue with an impeccable South Indian tone. She is looking charming. The director, Rohit Shetty, has boxed up the scenic beauty of South India perfectly well. Rameshwaram scenes are nice to watch. There are some action scenes done up skillfully. Songs are ok ok types. At the end, I felt like Chennai Express is worth travelling only for once, not more than that.

OUATIMD :: Now comes the movie directed by versatile talented Ekta Kapoor. The story spins around a power possessed don Shoeb (portrayed by Akshay Kumar), his right hand Aslam (Imraan Khan) and Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha). Aslam meets Jasmine and  he instantly falls for her. Shoeb accidentally meets Jasmine. Jasmine is a very innocent girl, hailing from some other small town, I don't remember if I was to be honest. She comes to Mumbai to be a big brand heroine. Her innocence catches Shoeb off guard and he gets mad for her (like every other movie). But she loves Aslam and there will be a big deal if Shoeb and Aslam falls for the same girl (a usual trick directors use to catch audience's curious nerve). What happens at the end, I am not revealing. Go and watch it for yourself.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Simply Cherai!

We got four days vacation lined up and how dare could we leave this wonderful opportunity to pleasure ourselves. So we did make a plan to go to Cherai, located in Kerala state with one of our friend, his wife and little daughter.

Cherai is a simply awesome place. We left at 4.30 AM (Yes!! You read it right) by our car. It is around 550 Kms from Bangalore and we had decided to make travel more fun and more convenient. So we departed from our car stuffed with all the bags and baggage. In the dozing stature, we kept one another awake so that no one could sleep and hence, miss the merriment of the trip. I was dreaming of myself driving the car on the highway but my all the dream castles came crashing down, mixing with the dirt and dust in the emotional churner, when Sumit didn't allow me to do so. Needless to say, I was frowned at him but yet, who wants to bother driving among the cars. Let's enjoy the ride or so I consoled my poor soul.

After around thirteen hours, we finally made it to our resort. It was Club Mahindra Indriya resort. We checked in and then were showed our apartments. The resort itself is a beautiful place to visit. At the reception, I found very intimidating lamps and I had to click them :

Club Mahindra Cherai Kochi / Cochin - Reception
Boat shaped ceiling lamps, hung upside down

The aft of our apartment was abutted with the scenic beauty of Backwaters. There lied two recliners with a small table if residents desire to enjoy the charming weather. In the evening, we had dinner. The dinner was a surprise birthday party for my husband as it was his birthday that day. He was highly pleased to see everything arranged in an enticing manner. To know more about the evening, click on A surprise birthday party.

Sunset at Backwaters

Our resort was a beach facing one. Next day, we all planned to enjoy the sea and its incessant waves. We all had a lot of fun and splashes. The sea is actually Arabian sea, crossing Kerala. It's a sand beach and bathing was bit tricky but as where is will, there is always a way. We all enjoyed ourselves and I collected some beautiful shells. Find some clips below ::

Marvel at the expanse of water

On beach, such pic is inevitable

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ye tune kya kiya...

A lovely song from Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara (a Bollywood flick)...

A surprise birthday party

I had organized a surprise birthday party for my husband recently on our Cherai, Kerala trip. It was totally in a filmy style but the feelings were very real. I savored the astonishment on his face when he got to know about all of the surprise, what I was up to before leaving the home and during the long journey.

When we reached to our Club Mahindra resort coined as Indriya, Cherai, it was around seven in the evening and we hurriedly got freshen up. Sumit's birthday was on the same day of our arrival and to bowl him over, I had immaculately organized a surprise birthday party in advance at one of the resort's sea food restaurants (they serve veg items too). It was a Candle light dinner, taking care of every little detail right from the welcome drink to the yummy cake, bouquet to the final round of exotic dessert palate.

The family moment

While roaming the area I took Sumit to the party place very innocently, saying let's check out their in house restaurant (the party was on its terrace). On reaching the terrace, he encountered the beautifully decorated table. He grinned and said he knew it that I'd be doing something special for him. To prevent him to get the idea of my surprise, I hurriedly lied that the resort management had some offer to book a special table and I booked one just a few minutes ago. Funny thing was, he believed me and I let out an inaudible sigh of relief.

Then the party procession gradually started up. First came the savoring welcome drink and then, the deliciously looking birthday cake. Then I cheerfully broke the secret that I had organized a surprised party especially for him. He was so amazed and so happy looking at the moment. I wished to lock his smile forever. He hugged me and said,

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Missed you the most today...Dear brother

Today is Rakshabandhan, an auspicious day when a sister ties a thread (colloquially known as Rakhi) on her brother's wrist. The thread is a loving symbol of the promise that a brother makes to his sister to help her through every thick and thin. Whenever the sister needs her brother, he will be there to solve her predicament.

This occasion is celebrated by most of the Indians. If girls can't make it to their brothers, they sent their rakhis by courier service. I too sent to my brother. I missed him a lot. I remember how fondly I used to loop the Rakhi plate across his face with one candle lit inside it. Tying the rakhi and then stuffing his mouth with some sweet. In return, out of his love and affection, he gives me some gift but gift is not important. My forever gift is going to be HIM only. I love him a lot. His presence, well being and understanding towards our relationship are true gifts to me though I demand my gift every year but yet, none of those materialistic gifts matter. The thing that matters most to me is, his intact and tightly sealed love for me.


He missed me too today. We talked twice on the phone and both the times, we expressed how much we are missing each other. If I can't tie my rakhi on his wrist today, at least I can wish him lots of happiness in his life. My all the blessings are with him. I love him and I know, he loves me too in return even though he often forgets to call me.

I love you my dear brother and I so deeply missed you today. Be happy always!!

Monday, 19 August 2013

One interesting link...

I found this link on net and found so very true towards a writer's expressions, gung hos and ohh!! that invisible DND sign board while reading a book ::

Sneak peak at a writer's world

P.S. I am just back from our Kerala trip. Will upload all the happenings, fun and some pics too in here. Keep checking this place. I so missed my blog there. Many a times I wished I could write my experience LIVE :)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

'Wishin' ya'll a Happy Friendship day' post

"Thanks for being IN my life", He said

"Thanks for being MY life", I said.

And I guess it's needless to mention the people engaged in above two-liner conversation. With such a lovely day start, I wish Happy Friendship Day to all my readers :)


So what's your plan for today? Buying a gift or already owned one? Planned a trip or already on the road singing at the top of your voice? Making a call or already in a half n hour long conversation with your friend? Whatever you do, I am sure you will make it special for your loveliest friend.

Talking about me, I indeed am jeweled with one best friend in my life and we have been shining proudly in the precious friendship bracelet for, if no less then 17 years. She is very special to me. She is sweet, beautiful, understanding and what seems to me is a persona with a great quotient of tolerance too (as she tolerates ME!! ;)). I wish our friendship to continue till I breathe my last. This post is also dedicated to my one lost friend. We met in Std. 8th and our friendship was revived for the next many years. But since some good things can end at a saddening note, our friendship too faced some unexpected tumultuous events and it died an unnatural death. But I still wish to see her, meet her. If I meet her someday, I will try to resurrect our friendship. But nevertheless, I wish my both friends a very happy welcoming and wonderful friendship day.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

I was missing you!!!

A sweet moment that happened this evening is worth cherishing. It happened like this.

This morning after coming back from my Aerobics dose, I found Sumit soundly sleeping back at home. Respecting his need of sleep, I silently went on to finish my works and then finally settled down with my laptop to check on Facebook, important e-mails etc. etc. After sometime, he woke up. I looked at him and thought he'd be coming out of the room but neither he moved nor did I. We both stayed at our respective places. May be we both were living in the anticipation of 'He will come' or 'She will come' but the same crashed within moments.

I was simply checking on my accounts on the sofa and he was simply dozing on the bed. There was nothing serious but don't know how, why and what for, we both got upset. We couldn't talk even till the time of him leaving for his office. Usually I wave him a happy good bye but today, I just couldn't do that.

The whole afternoon, we both kept sulking at our respective positions (he in the office and I at home). We didn't even text each other. And that was highly unusual. Around in the early evening when our son returned, I got busy in serving him snacks, shouting at him to get his homework done, arranging my little upset house and all. But I couldn't manage my own upset mood!!

After half n hour or something, I heard a knock at the door. It was four in the evening. For the first second, I was startled as this is Sumit's style to announce that he is back. I couldn't believe nonetheless I ran to the door and found him there!! How beautiful that moment was, I can never describe in my words. I was amazed though to find him so early at home.

I asked him, "What happened? Why so early?"

He smiled and said, "I was missing you. That is why I came"

Oh gosh! I COULD NOT believe his words. In our busy lives where all of us are busier to get in the perfect sync with our busiest life styles, when we usually fail to display our love, care and affection to each other, right there when such sweet unexpected moment arrives dangling in the quotient of surprise at you, it feels so amazing. Isn't it? It takes you to the whole new height where you feel like 'Yes! I am worth' and this was exactly I felt that moment.

It wasn't like he didn't have any work to do back at his office. He did have some important work to finish yet he left all of it just for ME, because of ME and I felt sooo elated hearing that.

Life is so unpredictable. When it is going to knock you down by its surprising jamboree, no one can get the idea.