Friday, 12 July 2013

The bird chirping finally in her nest

I am the bird here and I am at my my very own native where I am enjoying every bit, every piece of life with my lovely parents and other family members. Though I miss my younger and elder sister yet the joy of being with my parents is something that can never be matched with anything else. Even with my writing passion!

Right now I am sitting next to my mother (whom I fondly call Mummy). I am chatting with her and after finishing this post, I will go and grab my cup of tea. I don't know why but these days teas taste more delicious and soothing. And why just teas? Every hour of the day seems to pass in just a blink of my eyes. I don't remember anymore what date or what day it is. The loneliness I face back in Bangalore doesn't chase me at all. Loneliness caused when your husband is at work and kid is at school and you are left with four walls, few gadgets, and some kind neighbors. The haste I feel every morning is not here. The worries of groceries update is sold out. Nothing matters to me anymore; even I can give a generous miss to my favorite shows in fact. All I can remember is that, I am with my parents and I am totally, absolutely and head over heels loving it.

This is the only place where I don't have to bite my nails over the daunting Mondays or have to wait for weekends. Every day is same and every day is filled with laughter, joy and lots of chit chatting. 

I share a special bond with my mummy. We talk a lot. it's not unusual I know. Because of her, my blog writing has taken a stumbling shocking pause. Days pass by and I don't bother that I have to write a post (not that I bother about writing a post back in Bangalore too. It's just a task that I naturally love to perform). My blog must be disliking me for this sudden discontinuation I know but what to do? There are so many things to do here. So many things to chat about. So many memories to go gaga over. So many nibbles to share with. In short, I have forgotten my avatar of a girl who used to stick with her laptop during the most (and needed too!) hours of the day. Instead, I have transformed into someone who is not only staying away from the gadgets but also has become forgetful about going outs. Yes! After soooo long I am here and seriously do not wish to go anywhere. Stepping my foot out is the last thing I want to do.

Apart from these interesting things, there is one more thing I'd like to share. Before leaving Bangalore, I knew I wouldn't be able to go to my fitness classes for almost three weeks. I thought I'd miss the regular dose of my work outs as I am a hopeless girl when it comes to exercise on her own. But when I landed here, I came to know that there are Yoga classes going on right in front my home. Wow! Now I am doing Yoga every single day here early in the morning under the open sky and verryy happy that I wouldn't have to miss my work outs. But the best thing about these classes is - that I do it with my father. We both go together and keep boasting each other for every asana (posture). This way, not just I am getting my regular work out but also I am getting a variation here. Doing Aerobics for nearly five months, I was getting little bored of it. But Yoga is a fresh new welcoming change and I am enjoying it too. 

Now is the time to drink my tea friends. Allow me to go so that I can come back and share many more memories here...once again.

Live happy and stay happy! :) 


After one hour of another round of chit chat, snacks and sharing secrets

The onset of the most important thing of the day suddenly tsunamied (Yess! I invented this word right now) my head. Today is my father's birthday. We have got cake that is waiting to be cut. The wait will be over soon. I have given him a Fastrack watch as his gift. Then in the collaboration with my brother and sister, we three are giving him a brand new smartphone (Nokia Lumia - Red) with a perfect Bluetooth headset, much to his surprise. He was bit hesitant to accept new phone as his previous one is working just fine (and to his this response, I immediately said, "Hand it over to me. I will throw it in the bucket of water and then it will be destroyed and then can be replaced with your new phone." Ain't I a smart daughter? ;)) After some dramatic Nos, he has finally accepted it and we are so glad.

Now the time is for special dinner. C ya :)


  1. I am almost 13,000 kms, 20 hours flight and 3 continents away from my parents and you just made me feel like crossing all that distance and go sit next to them and enjoy a cup of tea.
    Bittersweet feeling. :(

    1. Ohh! Memories that are joyful to me are sort of painful to you. I can understand Dhara the way you feel. But don't be sad. I wish you to meet your parents soon :)


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