Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The aftermath of my vacation

After crushing ourselves down for almost 54 hours in the gruesome journey, we are back to our pavilion bole to Bangalore. Not that the distance between my native and Bangalore calculates up to this much but because our train had to take a detour. There was broken track issue (because of the flood) on the way and that is why instead of 43 hours, the already long journey ate extra 11 hours like a glutton. Apart from this adversary, another was waiting with its spreading legs. Our son got ill. Thankfully we carry First Aid box wherever we go. We gave him the medicines but as well know, sickness didn't say goodbye easily. It took a toll on all three of us and we managed somehow. After chewed up by monstrous boredom, finally we made it to our destination.

Standing on the station, the first thing welcomed us was the patented chilled sizzling windy weather. I loved it immensely because I have missed it so much back at my native (where everything was like hot pan!!). It felt like two lovers met after a long time and both were cherishing each other's enticing company. The tryst lasted for few minutes only when several coolies made their way to us to pick up our six bags and baggage. After a little negotiation, we took our pre-booked Meru cab and came back to our house.

When I was in train, I talked to my mummy during the journey. After few sentences, tears started to trickle down relentlessly on my cheeks. Thankfully the network got down and we couldn't talk more. I didn't want her to be sad as she already was! She was missing us and so we did too. Therefore, I was sort of worried how would I feel entering into my lonely deserted house. We entered and guess what!! I felt good. We all did. It was good to see our home after so long. The feeling settled easily may be because we were just coming after a head long hectic journey. But whatever the reason was, we felt happy to be back.

We had bath. I made tea and with that had some snacks. The warm tea relaxed our tired nerves. Then started the work of biggest nuisance, the aftermath of any vacation - Unpacking. After two hours, my house looked like some Tsunami or Katerina had hit my living room. Every corner, every furnishing, every table and every inch was completely packed with unpacked stuff. Goshh!! I thought I'd go mad arranging all of these. So I did the best thing. I left all of them at their places and made way to our neat and clean bedroom. We chatted and left the daunting horrifying unpacking procedure for the evening.

I slept and then we had some snacks in the evening. Again, sprawled stuffs were waiting for us to get stationed at their respective places. Lucky ones got it but many were left unattended and hence, they got tagged as unlucky. Anyways, then we went out for the dinner. Next day was Monday. So I did some preparations for breakfast and lunch and munching over life is now back on the track, I slept soundly.

Life plays hide and seek out of the blue. Where I was missing my parents, I got some bad news in the thread. Shocking actually. My recent last post happened due to one of'em. Another bad news I got was, the plant I had gotten withered completely. Before leaving from here, I was worried how it would be watered. Sumit said, rain will do the job but it didn't happen. I felt very sad from inside. Seeing the same dead plant everyday pinches me somewhere in my heart. Now I am decided. I won't go for any other plant unless I can have some arrangement of watering it.

Major unpacking is done. One suitcase is still waiting to get served. I have missed my aerobics for the last two weeks and this week I am also not going. So it sums up to the total of three weeks eye widening absence. If I were in the stupor of two weeks back (when I was leaving), I would certainly have screamed and fainted thinking for bunking three weeks of my aerobics dose. But now I am not so worried. Yes!! I have eaten a lot. I have gain tremendous amount of calories but it's okaayy yaar. I have become wiser in terms of fitness. The fat we earn can easily be burned down if the work out is continued. I will burn those extra calories for sure but let me enjoy last four days of vacation and then I will go to my monotonous work out dose.

Time to sleep now. Sleeping at my parent's place was a luxury. Every night I was getting a deep sound sleep; such intensity of sleep that is almost impossible to get in my busy Bangalorian life. Thus, I will make sure I get the same type of shut eye period here as well. It will need some efforts as stress will be there but I will get it I know.

Now after a long chit-chat, I say Good Night eventually. Sleep wise and dream nice!

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