Wednesday, 10 July 2013

One more proud day for us, as parents

By saying one more, click on the link A proud day for us, as parents to get acquainted with one more post that made us proud in the recent past.

Last week came one more day that filled me and Sumit with utmost pride and happiness. The moment was so overwhelming that it brought tears to my eyes.

Last week on Tuesday when my kid came from his school, he happily informed me that he would get a prize. On inquiring why, he gave some ambiguous answers because he himself wasn't sure about the reason behind.  We then let it pass thinking the school would automatically be informing us about the same. On Thursday, we received a notice from the school that Ashmit has secured 2nd place in his previous class (that is 1st std) and he would receive a prize for it on the following Friday.

We were, obviously, very happy and looked forward to the ceremony. Timings were bit odd as it was in the evening. But luckily Sumit came back from his office early in the evening and we all three made it to the ceremony together. We went to his school and sooner we got absorbed in the cultural activities (like song and dance) and prize distribution.

When our kid's turn came, I told my husband to click the photos. There was a wonderful thing the school was doing throughout the event. When they called up any prize winner on the stage, they let him or her stand in front of the audience and explained his or her special abilities or qualities in 2-3 lines. It was wonderful to listen them. I went highly curious as what would they say about our son Ashmit.

When Ashmit's turn came, it was announced 2nd prize winner for Std. 1st, Section B is Ashmit Baranwal. When he went on the stage and faced the audience, below words were pouted in his appreciation :

Ashmit is a very confident boy. He is creative and always ready to ask questions. His attention to details is commendable.

Then he proceeded to accept his CUP and exactly at this point, my eyes got filled with tears. It was his first cup and most certainly, the most important of all the prizes. Sumit was quiet happy too. He was a proud father, we were a proud parent that day.

Then we took him to the special dinner and he enjoyed that a lot.

It's so true.When our child wins something on the basis of his or her own merit, it makes us, the parents, feel special in so many ways. His cup not only boasted his morale but mine's too at much higher scale. It has made me much more determined to work harder towards my son, towards his studies.

We feel so proud today. We bless our lovely son to work hard like this and win much more happiness and peace in his life.

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