Wednesday, 17 July 2013

One more day left :(

One more day and I would already be leaving for Bangalore. One more day and this bird would probably be sealed by a pause from a carefree life. One more day and I would already be travelling for Bangalore. Sigh!!

I stayed here for nine days and these nine days went like just in a click of a finger. How I felt when I arrived here is indescribable and now that I am about leave, it's again...something that can not be described. I feel awful. I don't want to go away from here. I feel sad from inside...very very sad. And somewhere in the corner of my heart, I can't resist myself cursing the social ritual of sending precious daughters away after their marriages.

A little incident is tickling me. Few days back when I was doing some work for my father (something that I used to do lovingly before my marriage as well), he said,  "I can do" but anyway I did it dutifully and infused with the same reservoir of love. He again said, "Now I am habituated of this. I do it everyday". I felt a pang of pain. I couldn't refrain myself saying this,

"That is why I say do not send your daughters away after marriage. I hate this social ritual"

And it's ridiculously true. I hate it. The girl they borne, raise, educate, civilize and prepare to face every stand of life, why it had been made mandatory for them to cut us off from their lives and implant those parts away to someone else's life? It hurts...sometimes too much.

But with every grief comes happiness too sometimes. And I have indeed felt some happiness. In fact a lot of happiness. The floating happiness when I see in my parent's eyes when they look at me makes my joy knows no bound. The smile their faces get on my jokes or something, I pray those smiles to stay forever with them. The serenity I encounter in their behavior after seeing all three of us, I want it to stay stuck with them. It should never ever be abutted from them.

My brother is such a jack in the box. His humorous jokes are perfectly able to make all of us rolling on the floor (ROFL). He often teases my son and when my son becomes unable to handle his silly enigmatic jokes, he starts crying. Then my brother either gets scolded and instructed to stay away from my son or to curb on his non sense behavior. And my sister-in-law (brother's wife), she is also a very nice person and leaves no stone unturned to make us happy. She is beautiful, mannered and sort of an expert PJ shooter (better than me, if truth to be told in the broad day light).Their son is small and way too cute. I love playing with him.

I love it all. I enjoy it all. But I will miss this all too. In fact, I have already started to miss all of these. All this gung ho, the incessant chatting, Yoga, food and the list is endless to mention. Many a times after finishing my meals, I keep talking without washing my hands. Hands go dry and then later become hard to wash away every trace of the meal. But it is all fun. Being immensely dipped in several lines of riveting conversations are easily able to make me forget simple tasks like hand ablution.

My best friend also lives here. She is married and had invited us for the dinner in a restaurant tonight. The food was delicious and we all had quite a nice time.

These things and so many more truffles are laid here to cherish. They are endless. More I munch on them, more they grow in quantities and more I crave for them. I think I am greedy...for such moments, for being with my family, for several things that are darn hard to find back in Bangalore. But I am happy to be greedy this way. At least I value relations and family.

It's extremely difficult when it comes to leave from my native. But I know it's inevitable. So I do try my best to follow two wise lines :

Change what you can't accept and Accept what you can't change

And I have accepted the reality because I can not change it through any way. But I am also expecting pleasant things with this too like the weather of Bangalore. Yeah! Bangalore weather is the only thing that I am missing here so intensely. Here, it is sooooo hot, so scorching. Bangalore is fine in its own ways. I love this place too.

Time to say good night folks. I am very tired and in a desperate need of at least ten hours of sleep and that too at one stretch! But it won't be possible I know. Why? Because my father will come in the morning to wake me up by saying,

"Mili! Get up. For how long you will keep sleeping?" (Mili is my nick name)

And I know, this thing I am going to miss the most in Bangalore :((

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