Monday, 22 July 2013

Let's sew Hopes

Life is cruel. Yes. It is. Sometimes. Or, many a times.

You don't know when it's going to throw its final shot but when it does, it hurts beyond expression. Something happened today that I don't want to write about here but that made me think deeply through the upheavals about life; the ups and downs life keeps showing time to time.

People say, when death comes, nothing matters to it. Whether you are rich, poor, helpful resource, hopeless case, mother, father, sister, brother, the prime minister, a doctor, an engineer, nurse or even the strongest person on earth, Death works as a leveler that comes and take you with it within a matter of second. It doesn't opt for logical or illogical options; it doesn't look beyond whether taking someone out for ride can cost many people's happiness and peace; it doesn't even think what your age is!! All it thinks that your time is up and you should no longer live.

But why time to stop breathing comes so soon? And who has given Death the authority to decide it? The person it is going to carry with itself may be the one and only person left for someone on this earth? May be that person is a single ray of hope and optimism for someone? May be that person has planned something out of his or her life? Why death do not think at least these measly Qs.?

The dim shining of smiles, the footprints of lest steps walked and the last compassionate warm glaring tends to hurt most to the people left behind. Memories become so overwhelming that overcoming them seems a herculean task for the other family members. Crying is an option yes but for how long one can keep doing this? For two or three days? Then the lachrymal gland will throw its hands in submission. The ulcer of losing someone start to loose so much of blood that nothing seems to work on it. Neither compassion nor warming words nor hugs nor other alive people. A wide gaping hole breathe through you and passes the agony and pain of loss; irritation of being helpless; anger why it happened whatever happened. World seems meaningless and not to mention, hopeless too.

With my this post, I want to say to all those people (including myself too in the list) who have lost someone in their lives that if death doesn't wait to pick our beloveds arbitrary then why should we hang onto it so deeply? Why we let it win by spending rest of our lives in agony and grief? Rather, we can build ourselves like a wall, a resilient wall that is too tough to break, that is able enough to tolerate every season of life and its events. I have seen my grand mother's death. Therefore I know how does it feel to loose someone precious. Let's sew hopes in the thread of optimism and create a circle of strength; strength to face every stand of life; strength to spread our own strength to one another; strength to build the circle larger and larger until it reaches everyone and relives whoever comes to its contact. 

in order to win over the aftermath of Death

I believe this would be the best thing to cope up with death, the best solution to defeat it in its own game. Let's join hands and chime No more tears. Just life, a peaceful one.

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