Sunday, 14 July 2013

How I Braved Any Aunty and Co-founded A Million Dollar Company

That is a book name! Yes. It is and I just finished it reading. What made me instantly to log into my blogger profile and scribble down a new post regarding the book review is that...this book has surprised me with its seriously interesting story and well written script. I am surprised because I didn't expect it to be a great book (If someone from Alma Mater or related to it is reading, wait till you finish reading the post. I may smooth down your crinkled nose and wrinkled forehead).

I am saying this because I am a victim of buying three books at once of an author only to find it later they all belong to garbage. Absolutely rubbish story and no attraction at all!!!

But this book How I Varun Agarwal is riveting. Once I held it up in my hands, it is a good read on the go.


Basically it is a true story of a college boy turned entrepreneur turned a successful businessman. His company name is Alma Mater and it is a merchandise company. It sells customized t-shirts, hoodies and all for different colleges, schools, organizations, corporate etc.

The journey of how Varun got ridiculously screwed by his Anu aunty and how this led him to brewing an idea (later turned out into a hotshot e-commerce store) for his future's sake are major pivotal sources of the book. It gives you an insight of how difficult or almost impossible is to start up something of your own. And if this whole thing is being led by a young boy say 22 or 23 years old, then you are, in Varun's book language, fucked up. The story revolves around his gang of four friends, their repeated smashing at Noon Wines, drinking tea and smoking at Satya's, Anu aunty's indispensable interference, stalking his favorite gal, and then finally coming up with an idea and discussing it with his friend and then taking the idea to new heights, everything is fast paced and makes sure you stay glued to the book.

After reading How I braved..., I came to know how much boys use F word and other abuses with absolutely no qualms. It was interesting reading all the table conversations and inner conflicts of Varun at several stages. How he had guts to execute his idea to turn up into a successful businessman, it is also full of learning. He has given away some useful tips for entrepreneurs as well as for those who have nothing to do except gazing at the ceiling fan till the end of the world, hopelessly mulling on "What next?", much like Varun did himself.

The hardships, commitment, ups and downs of life are all well strewn in a single book. If you want to add a new interesting read into your collection, I would recommend How I Varun Agarwal. Well done Arun and best wishes for your life.

I immediately Googled the website and was amused to find an interesting page welcoming with lots of pictures and stuffs. So, I am gonna give away the website and Facebook page. If you think I am associated to the company someway or are contacted by them to advertise then let me put it honestly that No. I am remotely not. It is an interesting concept and I want my readers to know about it. That's it.

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