Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Aashiqui 2 v/s Lootera

Okay! So I saw these two movies recently (I know I am bit late so don't frown at me) named Aashiqui 2 and Lootera. They both are nice movies and catches your attention in one go. So here I am squeezing them, testing them, analyzing them and posing my stand on them.

Aashiqui 2 :: Honestly speaking, I never thought this would be a good movie to spend time on. (Sorry if Mahesh Bhatt or anyone related to this movie is reading this, by any chance. Wait till you finish reading). I had seen the old is gold Aashiqui and ohh!! Don't we all know how wonderful that movie is. The romantic songs, the story and moreover the concept of extracting the best out of her lover, it all stole the show and it still does. But as for Aashiqui 2, I thought it'd be like any other normal love story where boy girls meet, falls in love, make some career and then something something climax will wrap up the show. But honestly speaking, this movie turned out to be a good one. Surprisingly yes! It is a good movie folks. Songs are nice, heroine is lovely and hero also manages to leave a good impression. Story is bit different but I didn't like the climax. I hate sad endings. But nevertheless, I liked the movie and found worth spending my time on it.

One song from the movie I like to croon sometimes ::

Lootera :: Next lined up is Lootera. It is set perfectly right after the Independence time and is well plotted. The actress, Sonakshi Sinha, is looking pretty (I am not a big fan of her though) and has acted really well. (I think that's the prominent reason she is bagging all the big banner films) She is the Asthama patient. Then comes the charming Ranveer singh as an Architect (Sorry! for the spoilers) on the canvas and steals everything Sonakshi had, including her heart too! First half I found was grappling. Second half was slow and bit boring to me. But what surprised me the most was the climax of the movie. Not that I liked it but I didn't get it. At the end, Sonakshi was laughing. I thought 'Okay! she is laughing'. After few seconds, she was still laughing. I thought 'Okayy! She is still laughing' and I had fixed my gaze for the next scene but the next scene turned out to be The End. Damn it! I thought. What kind of climax is that. I really didn't get that.

One song that caught my ears ::

So, above flicks are good to catch on. Sometime back I had watched Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Hunter and whoo!! It was such a fast paced and lovely movie. I love watching vampire and supernatural stuffs anyway and if it is well sketched, bingo! I am on.


  1. Glad to hear that u watched these flicks..I slept in second part of Lootera. Nevertheless I liked the ending which signifies the whole concept "The last Leaf" ... I liked ending of Aashiqui 2 also as that's how real life events are meant to end...

  2. I too got the idea of the last leaf but why did she keep smiling when the hero had already left her, i couldn't get that. Anyways, you should keep this in mind that every ending is the symbol of a new beginning :)


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