Sunday, 30 June 2013

Your sneeze mirrors your personality type!

This morning while sitting on the bed and peering out of the window, it feels so nice. Fresh morning whiff playing subtly with my hair and caressing my visage is something that I never wanna give amiss.

Everything looks literally cool and all of a sudden an urge started to dominate my senses. It was so strong that I couldn't resist nonetheless I tried really hard. Then I decided to let the nature play its game uninterrupted and...I tight shut my eyes, covered my mouth and millions of water molecules escaped into the air becoming its invisible allies. What a relief thereupon!

You see...I just described how I sneezed. A full blown sneeze stormed out of my mouth and nose, relieving me at a great extent.

While I performed this immaculate and inevitable task of the nature, an article read months ago made a sharp entry into my head. The article was Your sneeze tells your personality type!

Isn't that intimidating? Getting the personality type idea of a person sitting next to you or another tinge of exploring yourself? It can also help you if you are approaching for a girl or boy. If he or she happens to sneeze at the same time, you can easily get the handful of ideas of how that person is with whom you are already fantasizing going on a date.

So after the erudite of sneezing act, researchers around the world restfully claim that people who sneeze out loud informing the world that they are sneezing, they happen to be outbound, bold and usually do not hesitate putting their ideas forward. They are comfortable with people and socialize easily.

While people who sneeze making a little sound, they are likely to be shy; a person who would prefer to keep things to her or himself. Their actions or reactions tend to be precise. They nirmally think before they speak!

People who make a milder noise while sneezing may teeter between above too.

Now next time you sneeze, you can verify the facts from your round about 40 millions of water molecules shuffling into the air i.e. your sneeze! 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

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