Monday, 3 June 2013

When our loved ones leave us unloved

It hurts! It always hurts when the people we love choose to ignore us and our innocuous desires at the first place. The people for whom we have dreamed about holding their hands in every adversary, doing things that they love, fighting with others to protect them and making sacrifices in order to let them know about our love for them and yet...they love to leave us unloved in the process.


Don't they understand that it hurts like hell? Can't they see the copious amount of pain they have engendered to our tiny hearts? Can't they observe the blues and bruises caused by their sharp needled pointed words? Is it too hard to comprehend that their such quaint behavior is troubling the relationship and the balance that comes with it?

It is certainly not that much hard to understand. At least I think that way. My husband says when we commit any mistake, we are first to know about it. We are the ONE who realize the future emerging troubles and jeopardy as repercussions at first place and my agreement is totally in sync with it.

Ask the same Q. to you :: What if?

He also says, there are three types of people in this world. One who commit wrong things inadvertently; second, who love to continue doing wrong things despite of its knowledge and third, who knows everything about their wrong actions yet they chose to ignore it. The third category people are termites of any relationship for they know they are destroying the equation of love, warmth and compassion yet...they are foolhardy to let it go like this forever.

Once again, I nod with sinking heart.

When our loved ones leave us in misery, they definitely know what they are doing. They know it already that doing so will hurt us yet they live up to too much ego to let it stop. They close their eyes from the darkness caused by their actions and verbal attitude but what they don't know is...even closing eyes will not help them. Because closing eyes also shows you the darkness and that darkness will leave no light of solution for them too at the end.

Isn't it an irony that they behave like others yet they are called Loved ones? They are called so because they are indeed loved by us...but when will we become the same for them?

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