Friday, 7 June 2013

What happened with Whatsapp

Recently I have bought a new smartphone and I am quite  enjoying it. In fact, I am writing this post from it. Today happened a very funny incident that I think shouldn't go unregistered.

Thing happened like this :: I was just testing the applications like Whatsapp and We chat. People who already have these apps in their mobiles, I thought to start with some of'em. Thus I started messaging my brother and jijaji (brother-in-law) via Whatsapp.

After sometime I received a message from my jijaji but the way he was talking was bit different. I went into a dilemma but continued chatting despite of it. The conversation grew more confusing. Now I got really troubled whether it was jijaji or someone else playing with me because his number was fed into my mobile long ago and I thought maybe he has changed his number in the meanwhile and I am simply unaware of it. For the verification, I threw some question but got tricky answer in return. Now my suspicion of 'Someone else is talking' attained its peak and I called my sister to confirm his number. These days my sister is at our native place and jijaji is in Lucknow i.e. they both are at different locations right now.

I called up my sister and confirmed the number. The number through which I was communicating indeed belonged to jijaji. Now I was even more enigmatic.

After few frequent calls, I got to know it was indeed my cheeky jijaji who was teasing me by being someone else. When I got to know about the actual scenario, I couldn't stop laughing. Because I had innocently failed my sweet jijaji at his plan of bothering me the whole night via naughty messages. But I was little sorry too. Because of me, my jijaji had to listen few words from my sister.

Later on I had a quick call conversation with him. On being asked about the dinner,he innocently replied,

"What dinner? Your sister's words are enough to satiate my hunger". I went like 'Awww...what I did. Damn'.

But it was fun. My jiaji is really a super cool guy but I couldn't get his prank otherwise things would have gone more interesting and funnier.

Anyways, we all had a good dose of laughter today (we means my sister, mother, jijaji and me of course )

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