Friday, 21 June 2013

Tips on dealing with sore throat

Weather is changing tumultuously and so its effects. Given the pleasant background staying same, its emerged etchings vary in most of the days. Sometimes it drizzle, sometimes its sunny and sometimes its wildlllyyy windy. But whatever the etchings are, it has transformed Bangalore into an enticing place. I am lovin' it to its every bit, every drop and every breeze.

But such anecdotes cost you sometimes. I am suffering with sore throat servile by weakness, cold, headache, body pain and the desire to have rest day in and day out. After suffering severely for 2 days, I went to the doctor and ended up having some medicines.

But since the time I fell ill, I kept listening that eating bananas in sore throat will retrograde the situation. Is it so? I have always been a believer of eating fruits especially at times when you are sick. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and other vital micro and macro nutrients will make you recover faster.

Au revoir! Sore throat

Now that I am on medication, I feel better but that didn't stop me for seeking help on the internet. I have searched remedies for sore throat and what I have found is hanging below. Do feel free to take your pick.

Banana helps 

Yes!! It's damn true. Bananas help you in relieving sore throat. Bananas are soft, low in Glycemic index and non-acidic in nature. Its Vitamin C and B6 and potassium will soothe your throat.

And with this, the myth of staying away from banana in sore throat got busted. Yayyy!!

Chicken soup

A happy news for the non-veges. Chicken works as an antibiotic and has mild inflammation properties. It combats the virus that worsen up your throat irritation. Make sure you prepare your chicken soup by adding other goodies like carrot, celery, onions, turnip, sweet potatoes etc.

Egg-whites also help you to improve your sore throat.

A mild thick mixture of lemon and honey is all time known panacea for treating sore throat.

Dairy products

Like milk and yogurt. The healthy bacteria carried by yogurt makes you recover faster. Also, milk coats your throat and that surely will get you rid off from a sore throat irritation.

Pasta, carrots and noodle and creamy soups

Two days back, it was eerie for me to imagine swallowing solid food. Sore throat can attain the power to torture you this way too. Thus, eating anything solid becomes a horrible task. But fully cooked brown or whole wheat pasta is always at your rescue. They are profusely rich in nutrients like fiber, iron, zinc and Vit. B1, B2, B3 and E.

Also try eating boiled carrots. Soften carrots will be an outstanding 2-in-1 package. Eating healthy plus absorbing nutrients. Soups also make up your throat infection.


The mere imagination of sipping warm drinks already start to soothe your sore throat. Isn't it? While you can have your regular tea, you can also try licorice, black, lemon or green teas. Add some honey in these teas and viola! Soreness will be pushed towards the exit.

A hot bowl of Oatmeal

A bowl of oatmeal is always considered as one of the perfect breakfasts to start your day but wait a minute! You can count on this too when you are having sore throat. Add honey or mashed banana in your hot bowl of oatmeal and see the magic.

Oatmeal is also a low glycemic index food and reduces the bad cholesterol. It is rich in protein that makes you fuller for longer.


Sage is a popular herb known since archaic times. It is highly imbued with flavonoids, phenolic acid and oxyzen handling enzyme. Thus, it has healing properties with it. Add it into your tea or in whichever dish you like and say bid adieu to the soreness.

Tips above are easy to imply. Try them and say bbye to sore throat.

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