Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The burden of SNSs and FOMO

Be it whether Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram or any other Social Networking Sites (SNSs), internet is heavily loaded with such webs. As the clock ticks by one second, millions of people are signing into their SNSs' websites or making up for new accounts over there.

The fashion or better say, the cult of having an account on several websites has been popular since decades. Where youngsters sign up to catch up with their friends, families, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances etc., right there older people too prefer to be in touch with almost similar reasons. Celebrities, politicians, models, choreographers and people from all walks of life create their account on SNSs either to be in touch with their fans or followers or simply to know the whereabouts of everyone else.

Whatever is the bull's eye, we all know such websites have become an inseparable parts of our busy hectic schedules.

But as they say, CHANGE is the only one universal rule, the cult of 'Let's get connected' on social networking websites is gradually and steadily declining. Where people considered it a cool quotient to be a part of as many websites as one can, now the equation is getting inversely proportional.

Surveys conducted on the majority of people has revealed that now these so called cool and funky SNSs have become a burden for people, especially for youngsters. Even I keep reading statuses like 'Facebook has become a boring place now' and 'Don't feel like coming here (a particular SNS)'.

The sheer drop in the interest of people is because everyone needs change in their lives. Updating about latest gung ho was used to be a cool factor but not anymore. People are no more interested in updating statuses or reading them. This shows how much we people are getting burdened by software designed for humans, by humans and for the humans.

This mental/social status directly relates to the new emerging issue coined as FOMO. FOMO says Fear Of Missing Out. It is right that people are now finding SNSs boring and stale yet they are not deleting their accounts from there. Reason is, they want to know about other's latest updates like what they are doing, where they are partying, which syllabus they have chosen or when they are getting married. In short, they are scared to miss out on important things what others might be enjoying.


People suffering from FOMO are most likely to be stuck with SNSs more than what is considered as normal. Day in and day out, they keep writing updates and read others too. When they fail to attend someone's party and see their friends shouting and dancing on the pics posted on the streamlines, they feel insecure; jealous or scared to feel as a left out.

Such or similar feelings when get hiked at a large extent, the issue becomes more serious. FOMO tagged people usually suffer with sleep deprivation, early ageing, low I.Q., loss of interests in other things, headache, stomach issues and the list is long. This issue is becoming monstrous day by day.

But help is also in hands. Check out these links to deal with FOMO and live life happily surfing ::

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I hope above links will be helpful.

WE have created internet. DO NOT let it create unpleasant issues/disorders to us.


  1. life is like that.. it just doesnt go on for nothing...

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