Tuesday, 18 June 2013

One of the most innocent Q. of a child

As I had mentioned in one of my recent posts, A proud day for us, as parents, my son has won a Gold medal and a certificate in IEO. Now the chase for the same has begun again. Yes!! The next Olympiad 2013-14 is going to start now. Deeply motivated and uplifted by his success in the last one, my son is again taking part in it. It is good that he is willing to win over the competitions such as Olympiads that includes STUDY.

So, today he got a form from SOF from his school and we, the parents, were supposed to fill it and return it to the school. I had thought of filling it up after the dinner but there my son was...backing up for me. Without my knowledge, he took a pen and started filling the form on his own. The categories were -

Name, Class, School, Age and other aspects of student's whereabouts (who is taking part). There was a section of Male or Female. He stopped short at this section and turned to his father and asked,

"Papa! Am I a male or female?"

A smile stretched on my face as I found this Q. as one of the most innocent questions thrown by a child. His father told him and he ticked on Male. But the moment was worth cherishing.

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