Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nobody Dies a Virgin...A book review

In the bygone April, I had read an interesting novel authored by Sanjay Kumar Shukla which is titled more interestingly as Nobody dies a Virgin…Life Screws us All.


It’s a witty tale of Aadi and his three friends cum saviors, Harsh, Tapan and Sid. The story is plotted in the vast campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK). 

While his three friends are enjoying and living just-through-the-college days, Aadi, however, falls in the trap of ‘What next after five years of IIT?’ He is ambitious, hard working and berserk enough to challenge his own professors on their battle grounds (and that says, Classes).

The story is smartly plotted against Aadi’s dream of doing something that is still not achievable to the world. How he make plans for it, how his other friends chimed in instantly despite of carrying a bleak ray of hope in the success, how they all managed to get through the preparations and several  failures, everything is planned in a gripping manner. In between all this gung-ho and messy hair business, Aadi finds Sonia and their love story takes off towards a sweet destination.

Talking about the punches in the story, they are hilarious enough to tickle your funny bone. Sid is a South Indian lad and is severely stripped off Hindi vocabulary. How Aadi enjoys every laid out opportunity to teach him all the wrong Hindi words and when Sid use them, this all make sure you end up laughing hard. The end, however, has taken a dip of dramatic genre giving a sensitive message of how the suicide rates are hiking up every year in IIT because of heavily loaded studies and projects (And professors incongruous egoistic attitude is also a little more to contribute in it).

All in all, the story is embroidered with hard core study, resilient friendship, wonderful love story, muggers, failed projects, open eye dreams, scores, competitions, hope, miffs and finally the success that everyone craves for. For me, it was an interesting read on the go.

Sanjay Shukla is currently working with Aeronautical Development Agency of Ministry of Defense. To know more about him, click on Sanjay Shukla.


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