Sunday, 9 June 2013

My laptop v/s His'

Few days ago, I and my husband Sumit were talking regarding my new smartphone. To get the full squeeze of fun and pun intended, I have to copy the conversation from my memory and paste it here. The conversation went like this ::

I : "Is it possible that I can transfer e-books and read them on my mobile?"

Sumit : "Yes. It is."

I replied with enthusiasm: "Wow. This way I can transfer any book that I have and read it anywhere anytime I want." 

Sumit : "Yes. You can do so. But if you want, you can transfer those books via Bluetooth from your laptop to your mobile." And then he grinned. 

He did so because he knows my laptop Bluetooth is not working and that is the prominent reason what made him go teasing me in the broad daylight. Prima facie, I couldn't get the catch in his reply.

I said with a sad smile : "But its not working" and instantly I found him smiling broadly. Then I understood he was actually teasing me.

Instead of getting teased, I threw the double shot. I am also aware of the fact that his laptop is not working at all. It is due to repair. I said :

"Yeah. That's true but I can do the same with your laptop" Then as I pretended to remember something, I innocently added further :

"Oh yesss! Your laptop is not working at all" And then I burst out in laughter.

My mission was successfully accomplished. He was highly amused and not to mention, teased by my answer of course. We giggled aloud and remained in the same stupor for the next few minutes :)

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