Thursday, 27 June 2013

Happy Birthday my dear BIG sister

Today's is a very special day for me. It's my elder sister's birthday today. So this post is gonna dedicated to her. I hope she will like it and thus, I will get successful in adding more happiness to her life. (Di! You are supposed to write a comment in the box below too :))

With lots of love to my BIG sister :)
I called her half n hour ago and chatted for around 20 minutes. It's always a fun talking to her. Most of the time during the call, we were laughing. We talked about how husbands like to keep the house messy and dirty and how we are there to remind them by saying Hello! There is a term called Cleanliness that exists in the word and you should abide by that. But we both know nature has its own way of balancing everything.

But we had a wonderful time talking today. Let me tell you very honestly that her smile is one of the sweetest smiles I have ever seen in my life. Whenever I see her smiling, I feel happy. But sometimes she doesn't smile even on my jokes (not that my jokes are pathetic). When the joke is finished and I find her face a poker one, I tell her that Di! You are supposed to laugh on this joke and then again, she stretches her two perfectly carved little lips into an infectious smile and then we both end up smiling.

Honestly speaking, she is my cousin. I am the eldest in my siblings but I have always craved for having an elder sister like her. But I never realized that I can satiate my elder-sister cravings by just looking at her. And then came some troubling time in my life where I found everyone standing on North pole leaving me stranded on South pole. No one was with me but SHE was there. All I needed was someone with whom I can TALK and talk about normal things not about the Ups and Downs of lives. SHE was there. She used to spend time with me, she used to talk to me like previous days and she never let me feel alone. She herself is a very sensitive and mature person.

Now we talk often and I no more feel compunction for not having any real big sister. SHE is there and that's more than enough for me. I love and respect her a lot for she has filled the void in my life.

In those days, I had opened my Facebook account and was learning its tricks. A while ago, she has got her own account and now she is learning it. She says, "I don't know what to do on FB? I come very rarely there because I simply don't know what to do there" How truthful is that! We all don't know di that what to do on FB. FB is just a time eating software and I appreciate you for not coming to it often.

In the evening, I will again call her to know about her day. I want to show my love and respect to her on this special day but sitting miles away, it doesn't click. I can send using online services but hand-to-hand gifting is something that carries a note of warmth. So it's decided. Whenever I meet her, I will give her a gift.

At last, Many Many Happy Returns of the Day again Di. I love you and jab tak hai jaan...will keep bugging you :)

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