Thursday, 20 June 2013

Get set go with Inferno

I have started reading Inferno (Dan Brown). I don't know why but English movies or novels do not make sense initially (I wonder whether does it happen with me only or you are also on the same ride). Don't think I desperately search for the movie subtitle or my vocab is as dim as a five year old kid. It's certainly not like any of this. Whenever I watch any English flick, for the first few scenes, I find my forehead creased in lines just to get what the movie maker is trying to make his/her audience understand.

Sometimes the same happens with English novels too. While reading Inferno, till the first 44 pages, scenes simply fails to click. I am not here in the intention of passing a judgement towards the book or the writing style of the author but plainly imbuing the array of my thoughts in here!! Till the page 44th, I found the protagonist Robert Langdon losing his memory (suffering from Amnesia), running here and there with some doctor Sienna Brooke, her stupendously high I.Q., some private organization, its leader provost and his unusual action of gulping down alcohol after some 13 years because of some client. Langdon's bizarre dreams and in between mentioning of their bits somehow interrupts the reading.

Till Chapter 9, I found the story quite boring. But a little interest has sparked with the commence of Chapter 10. Story seems to make some sense now but still not sure what kind of unique story the author wants to project from his mind to our brain walls. But that's the magic of story telling by giant novelists. If you have got the point in the initial pages then what difference will be laid between them and rest of the authors? Right?

Anyways, will keep reading the story as I hope it would pick the speed and pique my interest to some high level. I remember the same was happening with me when I had started Doctors by Eric Segal. Doctors also is kind of boring story initially but putting all guns down, the story turned out to be something un-putdownable; a very fascinating one. I couldn't leave it even for a moment!!

Piles of cloths used to rest on the chair waiting for me to get folded and placed at their respective positions inside the wardrobe, dinner used to get cooked late and my all other tasks seriously went on hold just because of Doctors. Such things are normal when you are deeply involved with some extremely riveting novel and Doctors happens to be one of'em. It is such an amusing novel that made me go banana over it before I finished reading it. I still cherish it in my library. Its characters Laura and Barney steal the show as the story moves on further. I just love this novel by Eric Segal and I hope the same will happen with Inferno too. I have also liked Dan's other superb works like Deception Point and Angels and Demons very much. I want Inferno too to be turned out as another gem in my collectibles.

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