Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day Special

Okay!! it's very late now but I can never miss a chance to write a post for my father when there happens to be Father's Day and today is Father's Day. I called my father, whom I fondly call Pitaji, this morning and wished him. He didn't even knew about it but yet he said Thanks...and blessed me.

Father is someone towards whom daughters look up to for everything right from their childhood. Be it a school function, first prize, first time cooking, new dress, complications in study, any trouble time or just a desire to get a new game, fathers are ALWAYS there to make sure their daughters get what they want. I am talking on terms with daughters. Fathers always stand like a giant resilient pillar that serves you the shelter, protects you from the troubles and nurture you with love, purity and all the positive human emotions that could ever be!!!

My father is the same pillar to me. He loves me, scolds me, supports me and ditches my phone calls too (he is not a very phone friendly person). Whatever he does, it is special. He is the idol of a perfect human being, the first man in my life and my ideal too!! He is a pompous vessel of knowledge. He loves reading and keeps carving out the time for the same. He has got so much of knowledge that he always steals the show among people. I love it and I totally admire it too.

He is atheist (and me too!!). This should not be a big deal to fuss about. It is just the perspective how we all prefer to look at things like God. If you are a theist, learn and remember to accept the other face of the coin. I got my views on God and religion stuffs completely inspired by him. I used to be theist years ago but since I have gained my sense, I used to listen to his talks about these stuffs. Gradually I started analyzing his logic. And then I started to rationalize them on my own. After sometime, I was also turned into an atheist. But that doesn't mean we don't respect religion and/or god. We respect it but we look at it in different way. We both think the strength comes from within, not from any idol. What we do, there will be the consequences we will have to encounter, not any god or divine power will lead us towards it. We believe in KARMA. That's it!

My father is also an expert businessman and an affable social creature as well. He is sort of gregarious too. When we meet, we talk on different things. But one thing I'd like him to improve in himself (parents are also human beings...remember that??) and that is...I want him to be a little more emotional. He is sometimes too pragmatic to look at things. Sometimes it hurts but given other qualities that he possesses, I don't have much to complain :)

All in all I love my father, my pitaji and will love to meet him again and again. I want his life to be infused with the entire world's happiness, success and peace of mind. But moreover, I will love to have him with us forever and ever and ever....

My son also wished his father and instantly asked for his return gift. This is another matter he didn't give him any gift today. But he loves his father and plays a lot with him. Sumit also loves him very much in return and I believe that's the best gift a father could give to his child ever. Right? :)

Time to sleep for a better start of new week waiting ahead. Happy Father's Day to all other fathers out there too.

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