Wednesday, 12 June 2013

*Coolness* doesn't come with the title

Rather, it comes with your attitude. Agreed? Great!! Now read on...

I have met and heard about many people who believe in carrying different or rather say, weird titles infused with their names and/or contact IDs. They call it *Cool* titles. Let's get some examples first to fetch a better understanding what I am talking about.

and so on... The service providers may vary like gmail, yahoo, rediffmail, hotmail and what not. People use such names because they think it shows how relaxed and again, cool they are when it comes to life. They think such titles shows boldly of their real persona with the pinch of their personality type in an appropriate manner. They call it out loud very proudly, put them in their CVs, tell to their colleagues, friends and every person who falls trap to ask their names or contact ID.

But they forget or sometimes ignore in fact that, coolness doesn't come with the names or titles but it comes with their attitude. How you meet someone, how beautifully you manage to lay down your first impression, when to speak and more importantly what to speak, how you handle yourself in normalcy and trouble times, what choices do you make, how much you take other's issues under your consideration...there are lots of things practicing which only can make you a Real Cool; someone with whom people can feel gratitude to meet or visit. 

Such weird titles sometimes prevent you from getting your dream job too. Putting these titles in your CV can easily wreck a havoc on you just in a split of a second when the employer rolls out his/her eyes right after getting pissed off with your title. These titles can get you attention I agree but that attention won't last for long. These may indeed raise one's eye-brows on your creativity quotient but still, the eye-brow arch will be down soon and so will the interest of the person in you.

Right attitude only will make you cool
Therefore, however you badly want to show your creativity on *Title* front, refrain from going over board with it. However a little creativity is allowed but always strain your brain on using sensible titles. Such titles show that you are simple and sincere. These simple and sincere titles may not lure the much desired attention of the target person at first but trust will help that person to continue the relationship or discussion with you. At least it won't drop the interest unlike those weird titles do. It will smoothly carry forward the attention in an anticipated direction.

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