Friday, 28 June 2013

Beware of delivery boys

For some reasons, you are not in the mood to cook tonight. Thus, you step forward to call a local pizza point and order for yourself. By the time the delivery guy approaches you, you are (un)fortunately alone at home. The guy delivers pizza and simultaneously picks an idea of your being alone in the house. He, all of a sudden, nabs you and tries to pose sexual assault.

What would you call this? A heinous mind with malign impulse? Right?

The same happened with a woman in Mumbai (India) two days back. She was alone at home when she received her pizza from a local joint but got nabbed, pushed inside the kitchen and sexually assaulted by the same guy in return. She had been brave enough to act inimically. When the guy failed in his attempt, he attacked her with knife and caused some blues and bruises. Later he escaped when the woman made a cacophony and thereupon, saved herself from being raped.

It is such a shocking incident that flummoxed me for a while. Ordering pizza is such a common task and all of us do it without any qualms. But when such disturbing act happens, it makes us helpless. It makes us think that a task as simple as pizza ordering too is not safe anymore.

What can be done?

Rule of thumb

 When the world is utterly devoid of 'Impossible' word in its dictionary and anything can happen anytime, it'd be wise to look after our own selves. Women, especially, are soft targets and are more prone to be submitted for the crimes like rape and sexual assaults.

In the above such case, when a delivery boy knocks at your door and unfortunately you are alone, talk on phone to any authoritative male figure, in the pretense to show that you are not alone. Or else, give the delivery boy an idea of you being with your family by shouting out to your brother/husband/father or any other male figure just to show that there is a male figure present at home. It will ensure your safety. For example,

"Papa! Pizza boy is here. I am paying now"


"Uncle! Come out. Pizza has arrived".

Talk in the similar fashion.

The moment a delivery guy approaches you, ask his name. If he tries to make any fuss, get authoritative instantly and threat him that you will report his bad attitude to the joint. It will certainly affect him and will slice the chances of any possible crimes like rape, heist or murder.

Be brave and always ready to face any issue that may appear at the drop of a hat. Your alertness and fast precise thinking will make you stronger and stringed to safety.

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