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Aspects of a work out

Finding the right kind of work out is quintessential for your fitness regime. Not everyone has the same cup of tea when it comes to melt calories and congeal the fitness. Therefore, if you are thinking of going for a fitness regime upfront or are already enrolled for one but getting supremely bored, chew on the key points below to get a better digestive form of what work out may work best for you. Some key aspects are given just to remind you how they are in perfect alliance with your chosen work out.

Body type and target areas 

First of all, learn your body type. There are few body types like Apple, Pear, Hour glass etc. Apple means your upper body is wider than your lower; Pear body type is just the opposite means lower is wider than the upper body parts; Hour glass figure is usually considered ideal as it contains the same ratio of chest and hip while teetering a lean waistline.


Then ponder on the areas that really sucks for you. If your waist line resembles a room size, you really need to work out more for your lower body part rather than the upper one. Strength training is suitable for every pothole. Working out more for your legs, hips and waistline will definitely reduce the fat quotient in you. In the same line, Cardio works best for upper body parts but it's usually effective for the entire body.

Take the help of the fitness trainer.

Types of work out

Some people like gym, some like dancing and some like simple jogging. Whatever it is, make sure you opt for the right kinda work out for yourself so that you don't get bored easily or sooner. For me, it's the music that strikes the chord. I do aerobics and love loosing calories and attaining fitness through music. Music instills you with extra energy, making you go tapping and bouncing here and there in fun ways. it doesn't let you feel the amount of time passed by.

Also, aerobics is a group work out that increases the motivational factor among the participants. Working out alone, I find, is quite boring and tiring. Group work outs work best.

Group exercise like Aerobics is fun way to loose weight
In the similar way, gym is also effective. Put some music on and keep doing stationary machines. Treadmill run is one of the best cardio work out.

Yoga is considered to be one of the best form of work out. It balances the internal and external energies, makes you connected more with your body, gives you a steady and effective metabolism, works on several parts of the body and the benefits from yoga is endless.

Simple jogging or morning walk for 30 minutes is also very effective unless you are regular with it.

Every form of work out is fun and lively given you choose it wisely. If you have some medical condition, make sure you consult your doctor in advance before stepping inside a fitness center.

Right outfits

I have realized the sheer effect of wearing right kind of clothing during the work outs. You just can't get up in your night suit and start doing exercise. It's a deadly wrong step.

First of all, always keep a fresh pair of fitness outfit aloof. Doing work out in stinky or tight cloths can easily choke you or may prove noxious to your health. Wear loose outfits. Such outfits lets your body breathe properly during the entire hour of exercise. Also, loose outfits give you the freedom to perform any step. For girls and ladies, it is utmost important to wear right undergarments especially designed for work outs. Jumping, jogging, dancing etc. can distort your shape easily. To prevent going out of shape, buy a good brand under garments.

Diet check

Diet and exercise go hand in hand.

Balance is the key
Few days back, one of my friends was saying drinking honey and lemon in warm water is sufficient to get lean. While I agreed with its result but I couldn't agree more on her saying that one can eat anything thereupon. I expounded that diet and exercise are like most feasible allies. If you work out heavily and/or drink honey-lemon cocktail in the morning but keep eating all the calorific food items during the rest of the day, you will go nowhere. Loosing calories and adding more of them simultaneously is sort of a foolhardy thought for me.

While keeping yourself in check is important, sometimes it can wreck havoc on your cravings. Therefore, allow yourself some treats in between but that too once in a while only. Balance is always the key. Make sure you stick to your fitness regime planning for the maximum time.

Always and forever, look after what you put in your mouth because what you put inside will certainly show outside.


  1. Also Rice is a major culprit ! Cutting down on rice intake by itself will reflect a significant weight loss . .Off course accompanied with work outs . .Cheers!


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