Friday, 14 June 2013

A proud day for us, as parents

Gosshh!! Every time I start watching The Vampire Diaries, I just cannot help myself. During every episode, I think this is the last one and I won’t watch anymore but there I am…caught with the magic spell of Bonnie Benett (The witch). I keep on watching the series, the episodes one after the other for hours.

So before I give myself a chance to curse at the end of the day for not doing anything fruitful, here I am, with a fresh post. I had to snatch myself away from the TVD folder and start blogging. This is something that I can entrust on being fruitful because…it involves writing which is my life force filled with the plethora of passion.

Today is a great day. Not because of the windy weather but because of our son. He has got Gold Medal in International English Olympiad (IEO) organized by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) . We are so happy about it. This is his first medal and we are soooo proud of him. It is shiny and embellished with 1st Rank in the school. It is indeed great news. To give my son a good reward, tonight’s dinner is going to be extraaa special. Then tomorrow we will take him to McDonald’s for dinner as he loves biting on its burger, fries and moreover, the toy he receives with his happy meal. Once in a while, such reward does not pinch much. Does it? J


When he talked to my father to give this news, my father would have asked what would he like to eat after receiving the gold medal. His answer came in a spurt that --

"I want to eat 4 pizzas, garlic bread and cold drink. That's it

I interrupted in between by saying "And Choco lava cake?" Then he instantly added this one too in his dream feast. I giggled at his list.

He is fond of eating but he is just 7 years old. He certainly can't eat all of these altogether but my father appreciated his caliber of thinking this much of amount.

Another great news is, I have got my new book that is Inferno from Dan Brown (Not exactly from Dan Brown himself but from Flipkart ;)). It’s his latest work and I am gonna start reading it very soon. I already have and read Dan’s other masterpieces like Digital Fortress, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol and Deception Point. I know I am leaving out his ever so famous Da Vinci Code. That is because I haven’t read it yet and don't have it either. Now do not frown at me while I am saying it. I know Da Vinci Code has given him the world acclamation but it’s okkaayyy. No one is supposed to cover all the wonders of the world while being on a World tour (but it sounds a wonder in itself too). Therefore, I will buy Da Vinci Code too so that I can complete Dan Brown collection in my library and pat my back for it.


Now the time is arriving for me to walk into the kitchen and better finish my special dinner cooking on time. So see you folks in another post.

But before I choose to leave, let me put a beautiful sentimental thought of the day. Think about it. We all live in these 3 delusions --

The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have and should have 

By Louis E. Boone

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