Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A crazzyy ride

"Where you all are going?"

"Don't know. Going just like that"

"Wait! We are also coming along"

And that's what triggered our one hell of a crazy ride that happened last Saturday night.

One of my husband's friend was at our place and we were having some light chit-chat with her. Like an indispensable disease of people checking FB every minute or hour, Sumit also checked onto his'. There he found a status update from his one friend that they were off to a long drive and the more interesting fact was, the destination was a ghost, completely unknown. Sumit instantly called him up and the conversation floated like as I have mentioned above.

After disconnecting the phone, Sumit asked both of us (his friend and me) to go. But as I was having headache and leg pain, I was bit reluctant to go but nevertheless, I tuned in and we left in 10 minutes of haste for the ride.

It was kind of a first time for me to do such a night out. I had done but like this going out at the odd hours of night and that too especially to an unknown place was something exciting, something to look forward too. We all met on a pre-decided spot and then our cars were running like hot knife on butter. FM was on high volume, I was chatting with his friend while our son drifted to sleep at the passenger seat next to the driver's. Sumit was driving and he is indeed very good at it.

After an hour long ride, we got to know there is one cafe named Rasta cafe on Mysore road and we were going there to have coffee!!! Can you believe just for an ordinary coffee, we took the jaunt of an hour? But it was worth as we all were enjoying and smiling. Such joys do not come every time you do anything.

The night was stark dark and devoid of stars. Yeah! The weather was cloudy and there was a sheer nip in the air. I had to put on my jacket. We reached there by 12.45 AM and after registering our names in the Q, we sat on the carpet of grass and chatted. After around one hour (Yes!! One hour. The crowd was unbelievable and huge), our names were called out. We went inside and I noticed a different environment was lazying around. The most interesting thing was, there were several Hookas or Hubble-bubbles available. They were obviously tobacco less. They were available in different flavors say Chocolate, Paan (Betel nut), Vanilla etc. etc. (I didn't go through much to the list).

We got a seat and we all were bit hungry. Sometimes the place, the environment and friends' company do the magic. The night was cold and filled with the aromas of Hookas. We ordered something something and locked ourselves in cameras in between.

After spending a little more time after eating, we left. Roads were mostly empty and our car was running on a very good speed and that culminated into a high rise in mileage. In cities, it is indeed hard to manage a good mileage. Looking at the meter, I said to Sumit that we should often come to such rides, if not for ourselves but for our car at least. The mileage is stupendously high and I am happy accordingly. He agreed and grinned at my logic of shooting crazy rides. We arrived at our places at 4 AM. We all were darn tired and our bodies were screaming to get some rest. We got back to home and slept like a dead horse till 10 AM.

After we woke up, the veins were still tired but it was all worth doing such thing once in a while. It was a really a crazzyy ride that we enjoyed a lot :)

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