Sunday, 30 June 2013

Your sneeze mirrors your personality type!

This morning while sitting on the bed and peering out of the window, it feels so nice. Fresh morning whiff playing subtly with my hair and caressing my visage is something that I never wanna give amiss.

Everything looks literally cool and all of a sudden an urge started to dominate my senses. It was so strong that I couldn't resist nonetheless I tried really hard. Then I decided to let the nature play its game uninterrupted and...I tight shut my eyes, covered my mouth and millions of water molecules escaped into the air becoming its invisible allies. What a relief thereupon!

You see...I just described how I sneezed. A full blown sneeze stormed out of my mouth and nose, relieving me at a great extent.

While I performed this immaculate and inevitable task of the nature, an article read months ago made a sharp entry into my head. The article was Your sneeze tells your personality type!

Isn't that intimidating? Getting the personality type idea of a person sitting next to you or another tinge of exploring yourself? It can also help you if you are approaching for a girl or boy. If he or she happens to sneeze at the same time, you can easily get the handful of ideas of how that person is with whom you are already fantasizing going on a date.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Beware of delivery boys

For some reasons, you are not in the mood to cook tonight. Thus, you step forward to call a local pizza point and order for yourself. By the time the delivery guy approaches you, you are (un)fortunately alone at home. The guy delivers pizza and simultaneously picks an idea of your being alone in the house. He, all of a sudden, nabs you and tries to pose sexual assault.

What would you call this? A heinous mind with malign impulse? Right?

The same happened with a woman in Mumbai (India) two days back. She was alone at home when she received her pizza from a local joint but got nabbed, pushed inside the kitchen and sexually assaulted by the same guy in return. She had been brave enough to act inimically. When the guy failed in his attempt, he attacked her with knife and caused some blues and bruises. Later he escaped when the woman made a cacophony and thereupon, saved herself from being raped.

It is such a shocking incident that flummoxed me for a while. Ordering pizza is such a common task and all of us do it without any qualms. But when such disturbing act happens, it makes us helpless. It makes us think that a task as simple as pizza ordering too is not safe anymore.

What can be done?

Rule of thumb

 When the world is utterly devoid of 'Impossible' word in its dictionary and anything can happen anytime, it'd be wise to look after our own selves. Women, especially, are soft targets and are more prone to be submitted for the crimes like rape and sexual assaults.

In the above such case, when a delivery boy knocks at your door and unfortunately you are alone, talk on phone to any authoritative male figure, in the pretense to show that you are not alone. Or else, give the delivery boy an idea of you being with your family by shouting out to your brother/husband/father or any other male figure just to show that there is a male figure present at home. It will ensure your safety. For example,

"Papa! Pizza boy is here. I am paying now"


"Uncle! Come out. Pizza has arrived".

Talk in the similar fashion.

The moment a delivery guy approaches you, ask his name. If he tries to make any fuss, get authoritative instantly and threat him that you will report his bad attitude to the joint. It will certainly affect him and will slice the chances of any possible crimes like rape, heist or murder.

Be brave and always ready to face any issue that may appear at the drop of a hat. Your alertness and fast precise thinking will make you stronger and stringed to safety.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Happy Birthday my dear BIG sister

Today's is a very special day for me. It's my elder sister's birthday today. So this post is gonna dedicated to her. I hope she will like it and thus, I will get successful in adding more happiness to her life. (Di! You are supposed to write a comment in the box below too :))

With lots of love to my BIG sister :)
I called her half n hour ago and chatted for around 20 minutes. It's always a fun talking to her. Most of the time during the call, we were laughing. We talked about how husbands like to keep the house messy and dirty and how we are there to remind them by saying Hello! There is a term called Cleanliness that exists in the word and you should abide by that. But we both know nature has its own way of balancing everything.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Aspects of a work out

Finding the right kind of work out is quintessential for your fitness regime. Not everyone has the same cup of tea when it comes to melt calories and congeal the fitness. Therefore, if you are thinking of going for a fitness regime upfront or are already enrolled for one but getting supremely bored, chew on the key points below to get a better digestive form of what work out may work best for you. Some key aspects are given just to remind you how they are in perfect alliance with your chosen work out.

Body type and target areas 

First of all, learn your body type. There are few body types like Apple, Pear, Hour glass etc. Apple means your upper body is wider than your lower; Pear body type is just the opposite means lower is wider than the upper body parts; Hour glass figure is usually considered ideal as it contains the same ratio of chest and hip while teetering a lean waistline.


Then ponder on the areas that really sucks for you. If your waist line resembles a room size, you really need to work out more for your lower body part rather than the upper one. Strength training is suitable for every pothole. Working out more for your legs, hips and waistline will definitely reduce the fat quotient in you. In the same line, Cardio works best for upper body parts but it's usually effective for the entire body.

Take the help of the fitness trainer.

Types of work out

Some people like gym, some like dancing and some like simple jogging. Whatever it is, make sure you opt for the right kinda work out for yourself so that you don't get bored easily or sooner. For me, it's the music that strikes the chord. I do aerobics and love loosing calories and attaining fitness through music. Music instills you with extra energy, making you go tapping and bouncing here and there in fun ways. it doesn't let you feel the amount of time passed by.

Also, aerobics is a group work out that increases the motivational factor among the participants. Working out alone, I find, is quite boring and tiring. Group work outs work best.

Group exercise like Aerobics is fun way to loose weight

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nobody Dies a Virgin...A book review

In the bygone April, I had read an interesting novel authored by Sanjay Kumar Shukla which is titled more interestingly as Nobody dies a Virgin…Life Screws us All.


It’s a witty tale of Aadi and his three friends cum saviors, Harsh, Tapan and Sid. The story is plotted in the vast campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK). 

While his three friends are enjoying and living just-through-the-college days, Aadi, however, falls in the trap of ‘What next after five years of IIT?’ He is ambitious, hard working and berserk enough to challenge his own professors on their battle grounds (and that says, Classes).

The story is smartly plotted against Aadi’s dream of doing something that is still not achievable to the world. How he make plans for it, how his other friends chimed in instantly despite of carrying a bleak ray of hope in the success, how they all managed to get through the preparations and several  failures, everything is planned in a gripping manner. In between all this gung-ho and messy hair business, Aadi finds Sonia and their love story takes off towards a sweet destination.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Top Five Regrets of The Dying

While I was reading the newspaper, an interesting article caught my attention.

In London, a nurse named Bronnie Ware (An Australian) has revealed five regrets or wishes that people usually made at the time of their death. Bronnie served numerous patients during the last 12 weeks of their lives. She was caring and palliative towards them. She made sure to collect those wishes at their death beds and made a compilation of the same on a blog named Inspiration and Chai. Her blog hogged so much of prying eyes and attention that she had to think of expanding her observations transformed into a book. The book is titled as The Top Five Regrets of The Dying.


Interesting! Isn't it? Let's have a look on those top five regrets of the dying.

  1. I wish I had had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings.
  3. I wish I hadn't worked so hard.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  5. I wish that I had led myself be happier.
Did I hear all the wishes right? I hear no money, no fame, no power but all possible human emotions and desires? It comes a little wonder to me given the fact that world is now driven by three incoherent musketeers of money, power and fame. No one had wished anything materialistic but about those things that are normal, easy enough to achieve and can be found anywhere, anytime. 

It is very intriguing topic to discuss I find. Let's discuss all the above five wishes in a little more detail.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Tips on dealing with sore throat

Weather is changing tumultuously and so its effects. Given the pleasant background staying same, its emerged etchings vary in most of the days. Sometimes it drizzle, sometimes its sunny and sometimes its wildlllyyy windy. But whatever the etchings are, it has transformed Bangalore into an enticing place. I am lovin' it to its every bit, every drop and every breeze.

But such anecdotes cost you sometimes. I am suffering with sore throat servile by weakness, cold, headache, body pain and the desire to have rest day in and day out. After suffering severely for 2 days, I went to the doctor and ended up having some medicines.

But since the time I fell ill, I kept listening that eating bananas in sore throat will retrograde the situation. Is it so? I have always been a believer of eating fruits especially at times when you are sick. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and other vital micro and macro nutrients will make you recover faster.

Au revoir! Sore throat

Now that I am on medication, I feel better but that didn't stop me for seeking help on the internet. I have searched remedies for sore throat and what I have found is hanging below. Do feel free to take your pick.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Get set go with Inferno

I have started reading Inferno (Dan Brown). I don't know why but English movies or novels do not make sense initially (I wonder whether does it happen with me only or you are also on the same ride). Don't think I desperately search for the movie subtitle or my vocab is as dim as a five year old kid. It's certainly not like any of this. Whenever I watch any English flick, for the first few scenes, I find my forehead creased in lines just to get what the movie maker is trying to make his/her audience understand.

Sometimes the same happens with English novels too. While reading Inferno, till the first 44 pages, scenes simply fails to click. I am not here in the intention of passing a judgement towards the book or the writing style of the author but plainly imbuing the array of my thoughts in here!! Till the page 44th, I found the protagonist Robert Langdon losing his memory (suffering from Amnesia), running here and there with some doctor Sienna Brooke, her stupendously high I.Q., some private organization, its leader provost and his unusual action of gulping down alcohol after some 13 years because of some client. Langdon's bizarre dreams and in between mentioning of their bits somehow interrupts the reading.

Till Chapter 9, I found the story quite boring. But a little interest has sparked with the commence of Chapter 10. Story seems to make some sense now but still not sure what kind of unique story the author wants to project from his mind to our brain walls. But that's the magic of story telling by giant novelists. If you have got the point in the initial pages then what difference will be laid between them and rest of the authors? Right?

Anyways, will keep reading the story as I hope it would pick the speed and pique my interest to some high level. I remember the same was happening with me when I had started Doctors by Eric Segal. Doctors also is kind of boring story initially but putting all guns down, the story turned out to be something un-putdownable; a very fascinating one. I couldn't leave it even for a moment!!

Piles of cloths used to rest on the chair waiting for me to get folded and placed at their respective positions inside the wardrobe, dinner used to get cooked late and my all other tasks seriously went on hold just because of Doctors. Such things are normal when you are deeply involved with some extremely riveting novel and Doctors happens to be one of'em. It is such an amusing novel that made me go banana over it before I finished reading it. I still cherish it in my library. Its characters Laura and Barney steal the show as the story moves on further. I just love this novel by Eric Segal and I hope the same will happen with Inferno too. I have also liked Dan's other superb works like Deception Point and Angels and Demons very much. I want Inferno too to be turned out as another gem in my collectibles.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

One of the most innocent Q. of a child

As I had mentioned in one of my recent posts, A proud day for us, as parents, my son has won a Gold medal and a certificate in IEO. Now the chase for the same has begun again. Yes!! The next Olympiad 2013-14 is going to start now. Deeply motivated and uplifted by his success in the last one, my son is again taking part in it. It is good that he is willing to win over the competitions such as Olympiads that includes STUDY.

So, today he got a form from SOF from his school and we, the parents, were supposed to fill it and return it to the school. I had thought of filling it up after the dinner but there my son was...backing up for me. Without my knowledge, he took a pen and started filling the form on his own. The categories were -

Name, Class, School, Age and other aspects of student's whereabouts (who is taking part). There was a section of Male or Female. He stopped short at this section and turned to his father and asked,

"Papa! Am I a male or female?"

A smile stretched on my face as I found this Q. as one of the most innocent questions thrown by a child. His father told him and he ticked on Male. But the moment was worth cherishing.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day Special

Okay!! it's very late now but I can never miss a chance to write a post for my father when there happens to be Father's Day and today is Father's Day. I called my father, whom I fondly call Pitaji, this morning and wished him. He didn't even knew about it but yet he said Thanks...and blessed me.

Father is someone towards whom daughters look up to for everything right from their childhood. Be it a school function, first prize, first time cooking, new dress, complications in study, any trouble time or just a desire to get a new game, fathers are ALWAYS there to make sure their daughters get what they want. I am talking on terms with daughters. Fathers always stand like a giant resilient pillar that serves you the shelter, protects you from the troubles and nurture you with love, purity and all the positive human emotions that could ever be!!!

My father is the same pillar to me. He loves me, scolds me, supports me and ditches my phone calls too (he is not a very phone friendly person). Whatever he does, it is special. He is the idol of a perfect human being, the first man in my life and my ideal too!! He is a pompous vessel of knowledge. He loves reading and keeps carving out the time for the same. He has got so much of knowledge that he always steals the show among people. I love it and I totally admire it too.

He is atheist (and me too!!). This should not be a big deal to fuss about. It is just the perspective how we all prefer to look at things like God. If you are a theist, learn and remember to accept the other face of the coin. I got my views on God and religion stuffs completely inspired by him. I used to be theist years ago but since I have gained my sense, I used to listen to his talks about these stuffs. Gradually I started analyzing his logic. And then I started to rationalize them on my own. After sometime, I was also turned into an atheist. But that doesn't mean we don't respect religion and/or god. We respect it but we look at it in different way. We both think the strength comes from within, not from any idol. What we do, there will be the consequences we will have to encounter, not any god or divine power will lead us towards it. We believe in KARMA. That's it!

My father is also an expert businessman and an affable social creature as well. He is sort of gregarious too. When we meet, we talk on different things. But one thing I'd like him to improve in himself (parents are also human beings...remember that??) and that is...I want him to be a little more emotional. He is sometimes too pragmatic to look at things. Sometimes it hurts but given other qualities that he possesses, I don't have much to complain :)

All in all I love my father, my pitaji and will love to meet him again and again. I want his life to be infused with the entire world's happiness, success and peace of mind. But moreover, I will love to have him with us forever and ever and ever....

My son also wished his father and instantly asked for his return gift. This is another matter he didn't give him any gift today. But he loves his father and plays a lot with him. Sumit also loves him very much in return and I believe that's the best gift a father could give to his child ever. Right? :)

Time to sleep for a better start of new week waiting ahead. Happy Father's Day to all other fathers out there too.

Friday, 14 June 2013

A proud day for us, as parents

Gosshh!! Every time I start watching The Vampire Diaries, I just cannot help myself. During every episode, I think this is the last one and I won’t watch anymore but there I am…caught with the magic spell of Bonnie Benett (The witch). I keep on watching the series, the episodes one after the other for hours.

So before I give myself a chance to curse at the end of the day for not doing anything fruitful, here I am, with a fresh post. I had to snatch myself away from the TVD folder and start blogging. This is something that I can entrust on being fruitful because…it involves writing which is my life force filled with the plethora of passion.

Today is a great day. Not because of the windy weather but because of our son. He has got Gold Medal in International English Olympiad (IEO) organized by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) . We are so happy about it. This is his first medal and we are soooo proud of him. It is shiny and embellished with 1st Rank in the school. It is indeed great news. To give my son a good reward, tonight’s dinner is going to be extraaa special. Then tomorrow we will take him to McDonald’s for dinner as he loves biting on its burger, fries and moreover, the toy he receives with his happy meal. Once in a while, such reward does not pinch much. Does it? J


When he talked to my father to give this news, my father would have asked what would he like to eat after receiving the gold medal. His answer came in a spurt that --

"I want to eat 4 pizzas, garlic bread and cold drink. That's it

I interrupted in between by saying "And Choco lava cake?" Then he instantly added this one too in his dream feast. I giggled at his list.

He is fond of eating but he is just 7 years old. He certainly can't eat all of these altogether but my father appreciated his caliber of thinking this much of amount.

Another great news is, I have got my new book that is Inferno from Dan Brown (Not exactly from Dan Brown himself but from Flipkart ;)). It’s his latest work and I am gonna start reading it very soon. I already have and read Dan’s other masterpieces like Digital Fortress, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol and Deception Point. I know I am leaving out his ever so famous Da Vinci Code. That is because I haven’t read it yet and don't have it either. Now do not frown at me while I am saying it. I know Da Vinci Code has given him the world acclamation but it’s okkaayyy. No one is supposed to cover all the wonders of the world while being on a World tour (but it sounds a wonder in itself too). Therefore, I will buy Da Vinci Code too so that I can complete Dan Brown collection in my library and pat my back for it.


Now the time is arriving for me to walk into the kitchen and better finish my special dinner cooking on time. So see you folks in another post.

But before I choose to leave, let me put a beautiful sentimental thought of the day. Think about it. We all live in these 3 delusions --

The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have and should have 

By Louis E. Boone

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

*Coolness* doesn't come with the title

Rather, it comes with your attitude. Agreed? Great!! Now read on...

I have met and heard about many people who believe in carrying different or rather say, weird titles infused with their names and/or contact IDs. They call it *Cool* titles. Let's get some examples first to fetch a better understanding what I am talking about.

and so on... The service providers may vary like gmail, yahoo, rediffmail, hotmail and what not. People use such names because they think it shows how relaxed and again, cool they are when it comes to life. They think such titles shows boldly of their real persona with the pinch of their personality type in an appropriate manner. They call it out loud very proudly, put them in their CVs, tell to their colleagues, friends and every person who falls trap to ask their names or contact ID.

But they forget or sometimes ignore in fact that, coolness doesn't come with the names or titles but it comes with their attitude. How you meet someone, how beautifully you manage to lay down your first impression, when to speak and more importantly what to speak, how you handle yourself in normalcy and trouble times, what choices do you make, how much you take other's issues under your consideration...there are lots of things practicing which only can make you a Real Cool; someone with whom people can feel gratitude to meet or visit. 

Such weird titles sometimes prevent you from getting your dream job too. Putting these titles in your CV can easily wreck a havoc on you just in a split of a second when the employer rolls out his/her eyes right after getting pissed off with your title. These titles can get you attention I agree but that attention won't last for long. These may indeed raise one's eye-brows on your creativity quotient but still, the eye-brow arch will be down soon and so will the interest of the person in you.

A crazzyy ride

"Where you all are going?"

"Don't know. Going just like that"

"Wait! We are also coming along"

And that's what triggered our one hell of a crazy ride that happened last Saturday night.

One of my husband's friend was at our place and we were having some light chit-chat with her. Like an indispensable disease of people checking FB every minute or hour, Sumit also checked onto his'. There he found a status update from his one friend that they were off to a long drive and the more interesting fact was, the destination was a ghost, completely unknown. Sumit instantly called him up and the conversation floated like as I have mentioned above.

After disconnecting the phone, Sumit asked both of us (his friend and me) to go. But as I was having headache and leg pain, I was bit reluctant to go but nevertheless, I tuned in and we left in 10 minutes of haste for the ride.

It was kind of a first time for me to do such a night out. I had done but like this going out at the odd hours of night and that too especially to an unknown place was something exciting, something to look forward too. We all met on a pre-decided spot and then our cars were running like hot knife on butter. FM was on high volume, I was chatting with his friend while our son drifted to sleep at the passenger seat next to the driver's. Sumit was driving and he is indeed very good at it.

After an hour long ride, we got to know there is one cafe named Rasta cafe on Mysore road and we were going there to have coffee!!! Can you believe just for an ordinary coffee, we took the jaunt of an hour? But it was worth as we all were enjoying and smiling. Such joys do not come every time you do anything.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

My laptop v/s His'

Few days ago, I and my husband Sumit were talking regarding my new smartphone. To get the full squeeze of fun and pun intended, I have to copy the conversation from my memory and paste it here. The conversation went like this ::

I : "Is it possible that I can transfer e-books and read them on my mobile?"

Sumit : "Yes. It is."

I replied with enthusiasm: "Wow. This way I can transfer any book that I have and read it anywhere anytime I want." 

Sumit : "Yes. You can do so. But if you want, you can transfer those books via Bluetooth from your laptop to your mobile." And then he grinned. 

He did so because he knows my laptop Bluetooth is not working and that is the prominent reason what made him go teasing me in the broad daylight. Prima facie, I couldn't get the catch in his reply.

I said with a sad smile : "But its not working" and instantly I found him smiling broadly. Then I understood he was actually teasing me.

Instead of getting teased, I threw the double shot. I am also aware of the fact that his laptop is not working at all. It is due to repair. I said :

"Yeah. That's true but I can do the same with your laptop" Then as I pretended to remember something, I innocently added further :

"Oh yesss! Your laptop is not working at all" And then I burst out in laughter.

My mission was successfully accomplished. He was highly amused and not to mention, teased by my answer of course. We giggled aloud and remained in the same stupor for the next few minutes :)

Friday, 7 June 2013

What happened with Whatsapp

Recently I have bought a new smartphone and I am quite  enjoying it. In fact, I am writing this post from it. Today happened a very funny incident that I think shouldn't go unregistered.

Thing happened like this :: I was just testing the applications like Whatsapp and We chat. People who already have these apps in their mobiles, I thought to start with some of'em. Thus I started messaging my brother and jijaji (brother-in-law) via Whatsapp.

After sometime I received a message from my jijaji but the way he was talking was bit different. I went into a dilemma but continued chatting despite of it. The conversation grew more confusing. Now I got really troubled whether it was jijaji or someone else playing with me because his number was fed into my mobile long ago and I thought maybe he has changed his number in the meanwhile and I am simply unaware of it. For the verification, I threw some question but got tricky answer in return. Now my suspicion of 'Someone else is talking' attained its peak and I called my sister to confirm his number. These days my sister is at our native place and jijaji is in Lucknow i.e. they both are at different locations right now.

I called up my sister and confirmed the number. The number through which I was communicating indeed belonged to jijaji. Now I was even more enigmatic.

After few frequent calls, I got to know it was indeed my cheeky jijaji who was teasing me by being someone else. When I got to know about the actual scenario, I couldn't stop laughing. Because I had innocently failed my sweet jijaji at his plan of bothering me the whole night via naughty messages. But I was little sorry too. Because of me, my jijaji had to listen few words from my sister.

Later on I had a quick call conversation with him. On being asked about the dinner,he innocently replied,

"What dinner? Your sister's words are enough to satiate my hunger". I went like 'Awww...what I did. Damn'.

But it was fun. My jiaji is really a super cool guy but I couldn't get his prank otherwise things would have gone more interesting and funnier.

Anyways, we all had a good dose of laughter today (we means my sister, mother, jijaji and me of course )

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The burden of SNSs and FOMO

Be it whether Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram or any other Social Networking Sites (SNSs), internet is heavily loaded with such webs. As the clock ticks by one second, millions of people are signing into their SNSs' websites or making up for new accounts over there.

The fashion or better say, the cult of having an account on several websites has been popular since decades. Where youngsters sign up to catch up with their friends, families, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances etc., right there older people too prefer to be in touch with almost similar reasons. Celebrities, politicians, models, choreographers and people from all walks of life create their account on SNSs either to be in touch with their fans or followers or simply to know the whereabouts of everyone else.

Whatever is the bull's eye, we all know such websites have become an inseparable parts of our busy hectic schedules.

But as they say, CHANGE is the only one universal rule, the cult of 'Let's get connected' on social networking websites is gradually and steadily declining. Where people considered it a cool quotient to be a part of as many websites as one can, now the equation is getting inversely proportional.

Surveys conducted on the majority of people has revealed that now these so called cool and funky SNSs have become a burden for people, especially for youngsters. Even I keep reading statuses like 'Facebook has become a boring place now' and 'Don't feel like coming here (a particular SNS)'.

The sheer drop in the interest of people is because everyone needs change in their lives. Updating about latest gung ho was used to be a cool factor but not anymore. People are no more interested in updating statuses or reading them. This shows how much we people are getting burdened by software designed for humans, by humans and for the humans.

Monday, 3 June 2013

When our loved ones leave us unloved

It hurts! It always hurts when the people we love choose to ignore us and our innocuous desires at the first place. The people for whom we have dreamed about holding their hands in every adversary, doing things that they love, fighting with others to protect them and making sacrifices in order to let them know about our love for them and yet...they love to leave us unloved in the process.


Don't they understand that it hurts like hell? Can't they see the copious amount of pain they have engendered to our tiny hearts? Can't they observe the blues and bruises caused by their sharp needled pointed words? Is it too hard to comprehend that their such quaint behavior is troubling the relationship and the balance that comes with it?

It is certainly not that much hard to understand. At least I think that way. My husband says when we commit any mistake, we are first to know about it. We are the ONE who realize the future emerging troubles and jeopardy as repercussions at first place and my agreement is totally in sync with it.

Ask the same Q. to you :: What if?