Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Magical Snowfall

One morning I opened my eyes,
The world looked gloomy,
The walls looked grief-y;
I looked around and found,
It was this silly heart that
failed to achieve the status of...
happy ding dong sound.

I sat up,
Looked around...again;
Changed my eyes' angle;
Expecting things to inveigle,
Into the previous cheery bandwagon;

But however hard I tried,
They remained the same;
Shook their heads
With subtle devoid expression of shame.

I gave up and got up,
Tiptoed towards the window;
Then I drew the curtains,
Just to see another usual morning of
Buses, cars and trains.

But I was bemused,
At the sight;
How the hell this world,
Can take a different flight?
and that too...
In just one night!!??

There were little white balls,
Here and there and everywhere;
Departing happily from the sky line,
As they were eager to...
kiss the earth's b'ful facial outline.

Yes! It was snowfall,
The first of my life,
My eyes locked at its beauty
And heart mesmerized at its serenity;

The magic happened in just
one click of a finger;
The sad feeling melted away
like every snowflake had tucked it 
inside...on its way.

How the nature can play with you,
How it decides to surprise you;
I was joyous and light,
Just at the wonderful sight;
I said Thank You for making,
my dull day bright!!

Grumpy face turned into a smily one,
Sinking heart echoed with thousand drums;
That day started with a great note,
But I still cherish the scenic beauty,
That arrived cleverly and with...
greater tiptoed.

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