Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Share a Sticker - An outstanding idea by Mumbai Dabbawallas

A necessity that started in British rule has now grown up into a full blown acres wide service. Here I am talking about Mumbai Dabbawallas who deliver almost 2,00,000 dabbas or lunch boxes everyday to different customers.

In British rule, there were many employees who disliked the type of food served during the meal times by the company. To avoid the growing predicament, a service was set up. The service delivered Indian cooked food to the employees to their tables on the daily basis. This way, the tradition of delivering lunch boxes/tiffins/dabbas took a perpetual flight.

Such services are mainly available in Mumbai, India. Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Supplier Association (NMTBSA) started in 1880 and in today's date, it delivers 2,00,000 dabbas on the daily basis culminating into 4,00,000 transactions everyday. Isn't that a eye widening management? NMTBSA covers almost 60 Kms of area and carries at least of 5000 employee strength.

NMTBSA is a Six Sigma rated service that means, there is measly 3.4% chances of committing a mistake in one million and that enforces into an almost defect free service. To know more about Six Sigma system, click on this Wiki link. Also, it has quoted some big achievements like claiming the Best time management world record, a remarkable name in Guiness book of world records and is registered with Ripley's believe it or not.

A service that is one-of-its-own-kind has launched a very creative idea that is surely worth of lauding. They have launched a unique service coined as Share My Dabba that means, the left over food is taken to the hungry children. All employees need to do is, to stick a sticker on their dabbas if they are leaving some food inside. This way dabba collectors will know that there is left over food inside this particular dabba. Then with the help of enormous network of volunteers, they supply the left over food to the hungry children and that too free of cost. This is also a brilliant way of stopping food wastage, curbing the malnutrition and hunger issues.

The reasons behind the proliferation of such services are quite ostensible. Usually employees do not prefer eating outside or canteen food. Paying up for a meal everyday too doesn't seems rational when they can afford to bring homemade lunches. That is why the demand for dabbawalla services are making a steep high.

Within approx. three hours, these dabbawallas deliver dabbas to their scheduled destinations.Their services are non-stop i.e. 24/7 * 365 days. They deliver dabbas and collect them either at the same day or the next.

To know more about this service and Share my dabba idea, check out the video below. it is worth watching.

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