Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's day special :: 'Mummy! I Love You'

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, including me too!! :)(

And I miss you today
Today is Mother's day and what a beautiful day to let my mother know how much I love her. I wish I could tell her this personally by seeing her but alas!! That is not possible but I can always write a lovely post dedicated to her and that is surely possible.

Morning started very late and after having breakfast, I called her and wished her. I truly love her a lot. On this Mother's day, I gave her a BIG surprise. She was really very very happy to hear the news (Sorry friends! I can't reveal that surprise yet. May be after sometime :)). Although I was biting my nails before telling her how would she feel but she stashed down the entire building of doubts in a moment when she said, "It's a very pleasant news. I am so very happy!" and I went smiling ear to ear.

She made my day too as I am also a mother of 7 year old kid.

My mother who is a housewife, is an extra-ordinary example of how a woman can win hearts of even those people who may despise her initially. Today she holds a special place in everyone's heart. She is a perfect idol for me when it comes to salute love, care, passion, dedication, tolerance, and perseverance towards family.

My mother whom I fondly call "Mummy" is the most special personality in my life. She is beautiful, creative, talkative, a wonderful cook, an active host and the list is endless when it comes to talk about her qualities and abilities. She is a beauty with brain for me. She thinks really fast and is richly topped with tolerance, patience, striking repertoire of understanding and beaming energy. Her all the qualities are quite likable but one thing I like most in her is, when she smiles. Her smile is beautiful. She smiles from her heart. Her tiny eyes (unlike mine's) always carry a reservoir of love, warmth and care for relationships. One day I will share my picture with her, here on this blog.

She has taught me (and still teaches me) so many things. She has taught me to be patient, to be loving and caring towards others and to be deep enough to fill my heart with all the qualities that are required to become a good human being. She herself is quite tolerant; beyond I can imagine. Sometimes I even tell her (the side effect of this generation I guess) to why to bear those people or relationships when they don't care about you and your family at all. But she says,

"We should not think this way Mili (my nick name). If we spread love, we will get it back one day but if we spread the hatred or ignorance, it will hit us back with unpleasant consequences"

I sigh every time she says such things albeit I agree with her. I shook my head because I am little different from her on such notes. I strike different cords. I believe to carry forward with those relationships/people who think good of others, of me and my family. People who can't think good of anyone or always smile at our strife, I better let them go. I don't feel the requirement to attach myself to such people/relationships.


My mother is different. She believes in spreading love to everyone. And her life itself is the perfect testimony of her thoughts and actions. Now I see those people loving and respecting her and that too beyond the limits who had hated and even insulted her earlier. Those people had always tried to locate her some inability and then believed in mocking her. But she has always ignored their ill mannered remarks and rude attitudes.

What she did was to believe in herself; the belief of winning everyone's heart one day. And much to my amazement and awe, she has done it with breakthrough success.

Almost a month ago when I was talking to her over the phone, she was gone in a function of one of our relatives. If truth to be told openly, those relatives used to hate her, despise her earlier. They used to spread ill rumors about her behaviorism and inability to do anything. Now after so many years, the scenario has changed drastically and dramatically too. On the day of the function, the same relatives found themselves diving into the deep ocean of gratitude when my mother arrived at their place. They said she had graced the function and how much happy they were to find her at their doorstep. And it was all true!! Their words were coming from their hearts.

Today she has set herself as an example to others. Others lean in forward to learn how to give love and respect to others. Everyone find it worth going to Mirzapur (my native) only then when my mother is around; when my mother is there. When she is gone to some other place say to her native or sister's house or somewhere else, they ditch their plan to come. They always want to be welcomed by my mother as I have already stated above, she is a wonderful host too. She welcomes everyone with open arms and a real smile.

It seems if I keep writing about my mother like this, a book can easily be in my hands. But it's all worth. She has made her life worth by spreading love. She always focuses on her behavior, her spitted words that none of them should be hurting.

As a mother, she has always been enormously and extravagantly supportive towards her children. I remember how she used to braid my hair right before going to school, how she was cooking and packing our lunches, how she used to iron our school dresses, how she used to warn us to not fight with someone if we were going to some other place, how she used to get angry and preferred to not to talk for the duration she liked, how her choice in everything is still different and beautiful, how I still call her to take her counsels on so many things, and how she still loves to cook our favorite dishes when we are around.

I so miss her. I so love her.

I so remember gallon of things about her. Memories are priceless when they are attached with my parents.We never found her thinking of herself first and then about us. She is always loving and supportive to all of us. Nonetheless she is living miles away from me in Uttar Pradesh yet I would love to send a message to her,

"Mummy! We are truly proud to have a mother like you. I love you and we all love you...truly, deeply and madly"

It is so true. Life doesn't come with a manual. Rather, it comes with a Mother. I agree.

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