Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How to curb or control your anger

Research says that at least 1 out of 5 people is succumbed to high rise anger. Anger, if not balanced out on time, can wreck a havoc on you. Like other feelings of love, care, humor, passion etc., it is very normal and even healthy too to get angry. But anything beyond its limit is always harmful.

Tailoring your anger or simply put, anger management is very important as growing rage has certain negative health impacts. Fuming with anger can tend to increase your blood pressure, indigestion, headache, heart diseases along with mental issues like damaging the ability to think straight, anxiety, worry, stress etc. Getting raged easily and over and over again can also take a toll onto your relationships. People for whom you matter and those who matters to you may easily drift away. Before anger completely consumes you, DO SOMETHING to consume it.

There are two types of anger; Short term anger and Long term anger. But management can be done for both the types. Below are useful tips or suggestions to curb or control your anger.

 Short term anger management
 Long term anger management
Short term anger is simply fuming over trivial things. Such anger stays for few minutes or sometimes for an hour or so. 
Long term anger is rather tricky to deal with. Such anger doesn't leave you easily but placing honest efforts play wonders to curb it.
Take deep breathing. It will increase the blood circulation, will increase the concentration and hence, will calm you down.
Count till five while you inhale. Then again count back while you exhale. It will relax your strained muscles.
Seek advice from any mental health professional. If you are not able to curb anger on your own, this idea will enormously help you out. Professionals have the expertise in certain areas and they can help you deal with your anger.
Laugh. It is not easy when you are angry but right there comes Laughter therapy. Whenever you feel angry, just start laughing. Laughing will ease your temperature rising and you will be able to control your own anger before it controls you completely.
Jot down what makes you angry often. People often curse/abuse outside people when driving their cars. If you tend to suffer from anger for long term, write it down along with the solutions on how to deal with it.
 Move away the moment you feel anger. Tiny things like kid's demands, boss' erratic behavior, finance issues or whatever the problem is, just go somewhere quiet.
Engage yourself in some physical activities like exercise that leaves you panting and breathing heavily, playing games like football, basketball, badminton etc. 
Talk to someone nearby but only to those who are trustworthy and can help you to release your tension. Talking with a friend, family member, spouse etc. can easily take you out from the rage crashing flight.
Laughter therapy again is helpful in dealing with long term anger too. Laugh when you feel rage. It will certainly low down your blood pressure giving you a soothing feeling.
 Distract yourself. The moment you get the hint rage is entering your territory, distract yourself by going to a happy place, listening to a song, writing something, dancing, singing or whatever you think can help.
Practice to control it. Take a help from a reliable person. Tell him or her to create little situations that can easily irritate you like throwing things here and there or simply shouting out at you. And then practice to control your raging inside.
 When angry, talk to yourself it's okay whatever is happening to you. There is no necessity to get overboard with it. It happens. Talk positively to yourself.
If you are failing at your tasks frequently, it is quiet understandable to feel anger over it. Sit down in a quite place. Think about why negative things are happening with you. There must be some reason behind. Simply spitting out raging words or attitude will never help you. Think of the triggers behind the issues and then the solutions to overcome.

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