Saturday, 4 May 2013

Happiness comes after you smile

They say, Smile comes after the happiness but sometimes, happiness comes after you smile.

It's true. Merely smiling can be the harbinger of the happiness you desire at the moment. Do not wait for the happiness to knock inside your head and then to make its way downwards towards your lips to express itself. Smile! This is all you all, we all require to catch the attention of the happiness that may be boozing somewhere at the time of requirement.

It is hard but not impossible to do. When I feel sad, it's very natural of me to not to be willing of smiling. But somehow or anyhow if I smile out of the blue, I feel lighter; I feel like a cumbersome stone has just lost its massive weight that was resting on my heart. I feel myself prone to the happiness and joy sooner in the near future.

The same can happen with you too. Smile and see the magic.

and get drenched with the happiness

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