Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Four days and things I did

With my seriously injured neck, finally I am writing a post. It is difficult for me to keep my head in one position for more than few minutes yet it's a pleasure writing today. I hate myself when I miss writing my blog for more than two days and this time the last post was written on May 24th!!! That means 4 days have been lapsed in the meanwhile.

I was supremely busy with something in last few days. Apart from that, we went to The Heritage Center and Aerospace Museum last weekend and spent a good day. Usually I love museums but this one was quite boring...much to my surprise. But as we went with our neighborhood family, the time wasn't that much hurting. We all enjoyed a lot. Few photos from there are pinned below ::

The fish pond
With Kalpana Chawla

 As I am a law abiding citizen, I thought to spread awareness through below snap ::

And then I tried few new recipes like Kashmiri Aaloodum, Potato Cheese Balls, Cabbage Kofta, Gourd Kofta etc. Some of'em turned out good while for Gourd Kofta, I had to add sauces to cover my disastrous cooking. But the most important thing was, my husband liked every one of them (including Gourd kofta too). So I am not complaining at all :)

From next week, my kid's school is going to open after two months of extensive relaxing vacation. It is a good news as well as not-so-good-news to me. Good because my kid will be spending his major time portions on study now (as he has splurged most of his vacation slots in playing, playing and just playing). Not-so-good because I will have to wake up really early morning (and that I genially hate). But things required to be done are ought to be done. So basically I am happy that the school is going to start and we all will resume our one-shot routine.

Weather these days are extremely nice and flattering. While North India, where my parents reside, is burning like super hot tawa, Bangalore's weather is a pleasant gift. I love such weather and feel like going on countless outings as frequently as I can. We have planned some. Pics will be posted here for sure.

My neck is not allowing me to tilt my head down anymore albeit it is nice to write a fresh post. See you my blog in next post and that too very soon hopefully :)

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