Wednesday, 22 May 2013

First grey hair

Factually it is not just one grey hair but it's a bunch of 3-4 ones that I encountered today on my crown. And I am sad and dejected and scared. Scared of getting aged now. Like to the many of the women out there, I also hate being aged; encountering grey hair and its increasing number.

I know getting suffused with grey hair is kind of a symbol of getting more matured and/or experienced albeit I want to ask that is it necessary to be experienced with grey hair? Can't this process happen without 'blacks-turning-into-whites'? Why to flaunt more experience in such prodigious manner?

Simply speaking, I don't know what to do apart from thinking about some helpful diet and some branded dye or hair color. Today I cut two but tomorrow may be few more will turn into white leaving me stressed out for a while (I know stress hastens up the process) but I can't do much to help.

All I wish for some miracle for if not to cut down on the process but slowing it down for sure. At least let me live happily for next 20 or 30 more years without adding white worries into the list.


  1. @ priyanka : I am surprised that you have noticed your first grey hair now and actually worrying about it at a time when there are people around us with no hair left:) .

    Cheers !

    1. Haha! You can say so but others' bigger troubles doesn't add mirth to ours. It is still a worrying issue to me :)


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