Friday, 17 May 2013

Be in love forever

What else could be the best potion in the world but LOVE. Yes! Love is indeed the best potion; the best tool to keep your falling apart tilted-in-times demeanor in check. Enjoy it until you take your last breath.

Now that I am done with watching TVD's season 4 finale episode just few minutes back, I can easily say it is the best episode of the series so far. I smiled, grinned and cried. Yes you eye-brow raised jaw opened beautiful creature of this earth! I cried...tears generously made their way through my eyes to my cheeks. While I kept wiping them out, they refused to subside and I let them flow. Sometimes in life, be it on the reel screen or real screen, some moments make you dive into the deepest layer of the emotions. You feel them like they are happening to you or sometimes, your long lasting wish just fulfilled by a miracle and you can't help suppressing the joy of tide.

Finale episode is brilliantly executed. While since long I wanted Elena to be with Damon, she finally admitted it to him that she loves him. I went like "Whatttt?" My mouth was literally open as I couldn't believe what she was saying, pretty much like Damon himself. While he was being a perfect gentleman to not to let his jaw fell on the ground, mine's exactly went like that. I was so bemused by Elena's admittance that I had to watch the scene again.

Oh! I am soo happy for Damon. Damon is the best character for me in TVD series because I can comply with him in some areas and how badly I wanted Elena to be with him and now that miracle has happened (miracle because there was Stefan...the epic love of Elena when she was human) already, I am all ding dong.

There is also Klaus coming straight from New Orleans (miles miles away from Mystic falls) after just one call from Caroline. That was so nice and chrisheable moment to see that. When Klaus said to her that he knows Tylor is her first love but he intend to be her last, it was really romantic, really a down-to-earth statement. One who loves someone will never let that person hurt. I seriously want Klaus and Caroline to be together. Don't know when will it happen. May be in next season.

The finale ending settled with a very very unexpected turn out of a fact and only the next season will soothe the tensed nerves now. I wish TVD's Season 5 to be telecast really soon.

I know it's realllyyy crazy to go over a television supernatural series but I think it's absolutely, perfectly and sanely okayyyy to be silly sometimes; going gaga over crazy things that can seem "what the hell" to others (and they say that sometimes you shouldn't think about the others too).

Whether it's on screen or off screen, love can win over everyone. For me, this is the best thing for survival. No one can live without it and no one should indeed. While the nature has created love with its all deadly magical effects, feel it, do it, admit it.

Do everything that makes your love go happy.

Follow your heart. You never know future may have preserved better for you than what good you have today.

Admit your love. By doing this, you will feel yourself, your entire whole being.

Enjoy the love in whichever way you want. Be sane while you enjoy yourself.

Cry too. Let the tears flow down to the gravity. It is important to express yourself.

In short, be in love forever. Seek the opportunity and seize it. Never let it go. You know why? Because....

If you love, you will realize you are worth of loving back too.

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