Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A moment of mother and son

This afternoon when I was feeding my kid his lunch, I was doing some usual talking about his summer camp, what he do there, what sort of puppets he made today and all that.

During his morsels, I asked him, "Ashmit! Why do you need mumma?"

He said, "Because you take me out and you make delicious food for me like dosa and puris"

I asked, "But papa can also do these things. Then why do you need me?"

He got puzzled. Tried again to clear his point. He said, "Because you take me out, you bring toys for me, you play with me, you help me with study"

Unsatisfied with his answer, I again asked, "But these all things papa can perform baby. Tell me exactly why do you need mumma?"

Now he went silent, thinking to be precise. Although I knew what he wanted to say and he was merely failing at words yet I let him think. He thought but couldn't give exact words to his feelings.

Finally I helped him to voice what he wanted to say actually.

I said, "Because you love mumma and without me, you can't live. Right?"

He grinned to finally have words to his feelings. He hugged me tightly and said,

"Yes mumma! Very right"

Then came "I love you mumma" followed by instant "I love you too my baby"

And on this loving note, he finished his lunch and I got a smile on my face.

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