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25 ways to save water

My father has asked me to help him out in writing an article on "How to save water? or simply put, "Water Conservation". While working on it, I thought this article is worth sharing on my blog as water conservation has become one of the hottest topic world wide in last few decades. Importance of water now-a-days is well known by everyone. We need water from the first hour of our waking life till the last one. Retaining the water will also help in cutting down on other global crises like global warming and droughts.

I searched profusely and the useful tips I have found are hanging below. Feel free to read them and help our mother planet to attain its water abundance.

Such stickers help in water conservation

  1. Simple things just for reminder. Close tap the taps while brushing or washing vegetables etc.; while filling a bucket with water, make sure you close the tap on time. Do not overfill the bucket; teach children how to save water. Stick stickers to several places (as shown above) that shows how to save water. This will force other members to keep the concept in mind :: Save water.
  2. Plant more and more trees. These days when the Earth is becoming devoid of greenery and its benefits, we human beings have to be more and more aware of planting trees.
  3. Use electronic appliances with Energy Star (*) mark. Such appliances use less water and less electricity thus harming our nature less.
  4. If you own a garden or fancy only few plants, try your best to water them early in the day or late in the evening. This way the water evaporation quotient will be reduced. Include those plants too who requires less amount of water on the daily basis like lambs ear, rosemary, cactus or lavender. Use sprinklers wisely in gardens. Set them in such manner that they water the plants not your hose walls, street, gutters or anything else that does not need water.
  5. Having bath with shower fascinates everyone as it is quiet convenient and quick. Use smaller shower heads. Shower bathing anyway consumes gallons of water every single time you take. Using smaller shower heads will ensure you supply more water to your mother Earth. Also, do not dispense water by having long hours bath. Make the body adulation process quick. Just lessening up your shower bath by one to two minutes can save 150 gallons of water every month.
  6. Fix all the leaking tubes, faucets or pipes in the house. The minute they start leaking, take the matter seriously and call in the plumber to fix the issue.
  7. Want to save 1000 gallons of water in a month? If yes then load and run your washing machine when there are sufficient cloths to fill in. This way you can save a stupendous amount of water.
  8. Keep a sharp eye on your water bill or water meter. They both will alert you with the increased numbers on the papers.
  9. For cleaning up of the driveway, porch or sidewalk, use broom instead of using water every time. Call for the water washing once in a while. 
  10. Always wash vegetables, fruits etc. taking them in a pan filled with water. Do not wash them in running water as it will waste more amount of water. After washing, do not drain the used water into the sink. Rather, use them for watering your plants.
  11. Older toilets have the natural tendency to consume more water. Replace them with modern ones and save water.
  12. Try to opt for dual flush toilets; one button for half flush and another for full flush. Use them as per the requirement.
  13. Fix a glass/bottle through which you will be drinking water for the entire day. Action is small but the effect will be huge in terms of saving water.
  14. Insulate your water pipe with pre-slit foam pipe insulation. This way water will get hot faster and it will also be effective in saving water.
  15. Front load washing machines use far less water than top loaders.
  16. Use those detergent powders for washing cloths/dishes that doesn't create too much of foam or lather. Draining off lather itself takes a lot amount of water.
  17. Install a big vessel that can collect rain water. You can use such water for watering your garden. Or, install rain harvesting system in your building. This system will collect the rain water and refine it in its purest form. Water refined with rain harvesting system is considered to be finest and can be used easily for any kind of purpose.
  18. Using mulches also retain water in the gardens. Mulches usually are very economic and are easily available. Examples - Newspapers, hay, wood chips, bark, leaves, manure etc. Organic mulches are also available. Apply them around the plants or tress. Mulches will prevent weeds to grow.
  19. Many people just love installing a swimming pool in their houses. If the pool is in outdoors, cover it when not in use. Water evaporation process will be in check and it will be saved.
  20. Use Eco friendly cleansers. If possible, hook up for a tube connecting the outlet of the kitchen or washing machine to the garden. This way, the grey water will directly go watering the plants and grasses.
  21. Usually housemaids tend to use a lot of water while washing dishes or cleaning up the house. Instruct them often to use less water.
  22. Sometimes when taps run out of water, it is very likely to check them often as whether water has come or not. What some people do that to avoid the sufferings of frequent checking, they let the tap remain open. They think when water comes, they will get to know about it. But do not do it. Do not keep the tap open. You may go out in such duration and by the time you are back, gallons of water would have been wasted by that time. So always suffer yourself for checking up on the dry tap but do not keep them open.
  23. Water conservation is something that can not be done alone. So make people around aware of it. An active awareness will result into bigger results.
  24. When going out on holidays, make sure all the water taps are tightly closed. Also, shut the master water shut off valve. This will double ensure the water conservation.
  25. Wash your car in the lawn. The water used during washing will go directly to the grasses enriching them with required amount of water.

Every drop is essential. Save it to save the future.


  1. Impressive writing about saving water.. it helps to improve our knowledge. thanks for sharing and keep writing

    Anne Cole
    Waste Water Services

    1. Thanks Cole! I myself save a lot of water and hope this article helps others doing the same.


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