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Four days and things I did

With my seriously injured neck, finally I am writing a post. It is difficult for me to keep my head in one position for more than few minutes yet it's a pleasure writing today. I hate myself when I miss writing my blog for more than two days and this time the last post was written on May 24th!!! That means 4 days have been lapsed in the meanwhile.

I was supremely busy with something in last few days. Apart from that, we went to The Heritage Center and Aerospace Museum last weekend and spent a good day. Usually I love museums but this one was quite boring...much to my surprise. But as we went with our neighborhood family, the time wasn't that much hurting. We all enjoyed a lot. Few photos from there are pinned below ::

Eternal Flame by The Bangles I am gonna share a song that is popularized as Eternal Flame sung brilliantly by the band group The Bangles.

I had heard this song for the very first time in The Vampire Diaries series in which Caroline had sung this song even more brilliantly for her crush Matt. Since that time, the song has struck a cord in me and I TOTALLY LOVE IT.

And if this song is my favorite, it is worth adorning my blog too. Therefore, below is the original song video followed by the video of Caroline singing for Matt. Lyrics can be googled, of course (though it's easy to get but in case you miss some, scroll down). Listen and enjoy it with closed eyes.

The original song

Caroline singing

Close your eyes, give me your hand, Darling Do you feel my heart beating, Do you understand, Do you feel the same, Am I only dreaming, Is this burning an eternal flame.
I believe it's meant to be, darling I watch you when you are sleeping, You belong to me, Do you feel the same, Am I only dreaming, Is th…

First grey hair

Factually it is not just one grey hair but it's a bunch of 3-4 ones that I encountered today on my crown. And I am sad and dejected and scared. Scared of getting aged now. Like to the many of the women out there, I also hate being aged; encountering grey hair and its increasing number.

I know getting suffused with grey hair is kind of a symbol of getting more matured and/or experienced albeit I want to ask that is it necessary to be experienced with grey hair? Can't this process happen without 'blacks-turning-into-whites'? Why to flaunt more experience in such prodigious manner?

Simply speaking, I don't know what to do apart from thinking about some helpful diet and some branded dye or hair color. Today I cut two but tomorrow may be few more will turn into white leaving me stressed out for a while (I know stress hastens up the process) but I can't do much to help.

All I wish for some miracle for if not to cut down on the process but slowing it down for sure. A…

A pen is mightier than the sword

While I am almost at the end of finishing the hypnotizing The Oath of the Vayuputras, the chapter I just finished seemed like I was witnessing it right in front of my eyes for a transient!

The chapter I had finished is titled as The Final Kill and as I was done with reading its last word, I found myself supremely suppressing the relentless flood of tears. They say A pen is mightier than the sword and I admit. A pen can cause the pain that even a sword can fail to draw. The way its author has designed the plot, it bores deep into a human heart.

Next chapter is to follow but I am yet to overcome the blow of the last chapter I finished. But I'll read further as to bring an end to the riveting series of Shiva Trilogy. Knowing everything only can satiate my curiosity of 'what-happens-next'.

Be in love forever

What else could be the best potion in the world but LOVE. Yes! Love is indeed the best potion; the best tool to keep your falling apart tilted-in-times demeanor in check. Enjoy it until you take your last breath.

Now that I am done with watching TVD's season 4 finale episode just few minutes back, I can easily say it is the best episode of the series so far. I smiled, grinned and cried. Yes you eye-brow raised jaw opened beautiful creature of this earth! I cried...tears generously made their way through my eyes to my cheeks. While I kept wiping them out, they refused to subside and I let them flow. Sometimes in life, be it on the reel screen or real screen, some moments make you dive into the deepest layer of the emotions. You feel them like they are happening to you or sometimes, your long lasting wish just fulfilled by a miracle and you can't help suppressing the joy of tide.

Finale episode is brilliantly executed. While since long I wanted Elena to be with Damon, she final…

Share a Sticker - An outstanding idea by Mumbai Dabbawallas

A necessity that started in British rule has now grown up into a full blown acres wide service. Here I am talking about Mumbai Dabbawallas who deliver almost 2,00,000 dabbas or lunch boxes everyday to different customers.

In British rule, there were many employees who disliked the type of food served during the meal times by the company. To avoid the growing predicament, a service was set up. The service delivered Indian cooked food to the employees to their tables on the daily basis. This way, the tradition of delivering lunch boxes/tiffins/dabbas took a perpetual flight.

Such services are mainly available in Mumbai, India. Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Supplier Association (NMTBSA) started in 1880 and in today's date, it delivers 2,00,000 dabbas on the daily basis culminating into 4,00,000 transactions everyday. Isn't that a eye widening management? NMTBSA covers almost 60 Kms of area and carries at least of 5000 employee strength.

NMTBSA is a Six Sigma rated service that means, t…

25 ways to save water

My father has asked me to help him out in writing an article on "How to save water? or simply put, "Water Conservation". While working on it, I thought this article is worth sharing on my blog as water conservation has become one of the hottest topic world wide in last few decades. Importance of water now-a-days is well known by everyone. We need water from the first hour of our waking life till the last one. Retaining the water will also help in cutting down on other global crises like global warming and droughts.

I searched profusely and the useful tips I have found are hanging below. Feel free to read them and help our mother planet to attain its water abundance.

Simple things just for reminder. Close tap the taps while brushing or washing vegetables etc.; while filling a bucket with water, make sure you close the tap on time. Do not overfill the bucket; teach children how to save water. Stick stickers to several places (as shown above) that shows how to save water. …

Mother's day special :: 'Mummy! I Love You'

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, including me too!! :)(

Today is Mother's day and what a beautiful day to let my mother know how much I love her. I wish I could tell her this personally by seeing her but alas!! That is not possible but I can always write a lovely post dedicated to her and that is surely possible.

Morning started very late and after having breakfast, I called her and wished her. I truly love her a lot. On this Mother's day, I gave her a BIG surprise. She was really very very happy to hear the news (Sorry friends! I can't reveal that surprise yet. May be after sometime :)). Although I was biting my nails before telling her how would she feel but she stashed down the entire building of doubts in a moment when she said, "It's a very pleasant news. I am so very happy!" and I went smiling ear to ear.

She made my day too as I am also a mother of 7 year old kid.

My mother who is a housewife, is an extra-ordinary example of how a …

Reason to read failure stories

I am honored to share my views with him :)

A moment of mother and son

This afternoon when I was feeding my kid his lunch, I was doing some usual talking about his summer camp, what he do there, what sort of puppets he made today and all that.

During his morsels, I asked him, "Ashmit! Why do you need mumma?"

He said, "Because you take me out and you make delicious food for me like dosa and puris"

I asked, "But papa can also do these things. Then why do you need me?"

He got puzzled. Tried again to clear his point. He said, "Because you take me out, you bring toys for me, you play with me, you help me with study"

Unsatisfied with his answer, I again asked, "But these all things papa can perform baby. Tell me exactly why do you need mumma?"

Now he went silent, thinking to be precise. Although I knew what he wanted to say and he was merely failing at words yet I let him think. He thought but couldn't give exact words to his feelings.

Finally I helped him to voice what he wanted to say actually.

I said, &…

How to curb or control your anger

Research says that at least 1 out of 5 people is succumbed to high rise anger. Anger, if not balanced out on time, can wreck a havoc on you. Like other feelings of love, care, humor, passion etc., it is very normal and even healthy too to get angry. But anything beyond its limit is always harmful.

Tailoring your anger or simply put, anger management is very important as growing rage has certain negative health impacts. Fuming with anger can tend to increase your blood pressure, indigestion, headache, heart diseases along with mental issues like damaging the ability to think straight, anxiety, worry, stress etc. Getting raged easily and over and over again can also take a toll onto your relationships. People for whom you matter and those who matters to you may easily drift away. Before anger completely consumes you, DO SOMETHING to consume it.

There are two types of anger; Short term anger and Long term anger. But management can be done for both the types. Below are useful tips or sug…

Something the lord made

Today happened a hilarious moment that made our Sunday. Skipping to a short description, I was watching a musical show that imbibed TV stars as well as movie starts too in it. There were lovely performances along with the boring anchoring. But as I love watching such enjoyable shows, I ignored the cons part and continued noticing the pros.

There came a performance by a leading actress from Bollywood. She was dancing on the various hit numbers. One song of them was from the last year's movie "Oh! My God" (OMG). The song is this ::



Govinda!" (Govinda means our Lord Krishna. The song praises his butter-savoring act)

Anyways, the song was featuring on its full swing and the actress was throwing quick jhatkas and matkas. My son started to croon the song along and he went like this ::




You see! He was singing Gorilla (the chimpanzee) instead of Govinda (The Lord). Needless to say, I and my husband guffawed at his sheer inno…

Happiness comes after you smile

They say, Smile comes after the happiness but sometimes, happiness comes after you smile.

It's true. Merely smiling can be the harbinger of the happiness you desire at the moment. Do not wait for the happiness to knock inside your head and then to make its way downwards towards your lips to express itself. Smile! This is all you all, we all require to catch the attention of the happiness that may be boozing somewhere at the time of requirement.

It is hard but not impossible to do. When I feel sad, it's very natural of me to not to be willing of smiling. But somehow or anyhow if I smile out of the blue, I feel lighter; I feel like a cumbersome stone has just lost its massive weight that was resting on my heart. I feel myself prone to the happiness and joy sooner in the near future.

The same can happen with you too. Smile and see the magic.

The Magical Snowfall

One morning I opened my eyes, The world looked gloomy, The walls looked grief-y; I looked around and found, It was this silly heart that failed to achieve the status of... happy ding dong sound.
I sat up, Looked around...again; Changed my eyes' angle; Expecting things to inveigle, Into the previous cheery bandwagon;
But however hard I tried, They remained the same; Shook their heads With subtle devoid expression of shame.
I gave up and got up, Tiptoed towards the window; Then I drew the curtains, Just to see another usual morning of Buses, cars and trains.
But I was bemused, At the sight; How the hell this world, Can take a different flight? and that too... In just one night!!??