Sunday, 7 April 2013

Women are no longer robots!!

While I started my Saturday morning on a sweet note by eating homemade Kheer (A rice pudding made in milk), the following post may not seem equally sweet to many men.

Disclaimer :: This post is intended for those species of men who think being the bread winner of the family transforms them into a highly superior personality to their wives and hence, deserve to be regarded as the most respectful person; for whom their wives are nothing but a human robot who is designed to fulfill their all kind of desires, not expecting anything in return.

Also, I am not writing anything here with any sort of ill intention to judge or insult men but when injustice happens to one, it is important to unravel the issue; it is equally important to bend the concrete unfair rules of the society.

Caution :: Proceed at your own risk!!

I am not going to be surly here by protesting for feminism or to rule out men from the equation. Rather, I am here only for saying few things that have always been echoing the women's minds yet these *few things* have always been treated as reading between the lines; always understood by the society but never spoke out loud!!!

Below is the piece of a conversation (and that is the source behind this post). Yesterday I was having a video chat with my one uncle. After formal greetings, the conversation went on like this ::

Uncle :: "How are you beta? Is everything fine?"

I :: "I am fine uncle. Think about the others who gets to live with me" (I cracked up a light joke)

Uncle :: "If you are fine then others will automatically be fine"

I :: "That's kind of one sided statement uncle. My well being depends on other member's well being too!!"

Uncle :: "No beta! Everything depends on the lady of the house. If she is fine, everything will be fine too"

I :: "I disagree uncle. If others don't treat the house lady with love and respect then how can she ever be fine?"

Uncle :: "This is not the case. Everything depends on the wife/house lady herself"

I :: "But what if she doesn't get the love and respect from her husband? Can she ever be fine?"

Uncle :: "These all things always depend on her. If she is fine, others are also fine"

I, realizing it was futile to continue the discussion, said :: "This topic is better to be conducted when I and you are sitting face to face" and then the video chatting continued normally on other random topics. I think elderly people like my uncle are too old to mold their beliefs now.

But his one sided belief made me to think, not to mention...again, on a very sensitive subject.

Why women are being treated as human robots; with flesh and blood but with no desires and independence?

Why men (and women too) think that the life (not the house only, mind you!) is run solely by its house lady and she is the only responsible person for whatever happens every time? How come her happiness, her integrity and her wishes are not supposed to be dependent on the other members while others' are so much droning on her?

His such way of thinking neither bemused me nor irritated me and nor turned me into a heart broken soul. Such array of thoughts and hence actions, are not new to me. In all over the world, men have always considered themselves as the supreme authority over the women. They think they earn money and that is why they have claimed the right to live cut above the rest (here 'rest' means 'women').

Is it justifying that being the bread winner of the family makes one gender superior to the other? Money is so important that if you have it, you can rule over your wife?

I find this all a bull shit. These days when women are also earning money and efficiently running the house, her modesty and sanity haven't gone anywhere. She doesn't take pride in running her family. Instead, she feels happy to be independent to step out on her own but she knows her real happiness lies with the family. Therefore, she always try to strike a balance between her in and out lives.

Smile that shows women are no longer a robot

No one can ever deny the fact that man is incomplete without a woman. Then why can't you look out for her positive things and appreciate through the ways it deserves? Does your ego come on the way or you have made it a resilient habit to ignore her for the rest of your life?

I am not saying that only women runs the family and eases up the life. Men too are committed for their responsibilities. Since every materialistic thing comes with money, they earn it so that their families can rest without any worries. Being in a job or running own business is not a child's task. It involves tonnes of difficulties, hardships and struggles on the daily basis yet they do it for their families; to keep them happy. They also care for their family's wishes. And such species of men are immensely loved, adored and respected by their counter parts i.e. wives.

But alas! Such men exists mostly in dreams and rarely on earth.

Time has changed, era has changed accordingly and upcoming generations have become wiser and more independent. Women now do not think of themselves as a human robot anymore. They are also realizing that speaking out their things is the only savior for them. If they don't do so, the world of dominating and so-dipped-in-the-ego men will take them down to the root level and will make it retrograde for them to grow back again by parching the essential nutrients for growth.

Hello! Why is that? Who gave you the authority to go gaga with your superiority over the ladies in your lives? Why do you think you come first in the queue for getting happiness, peace and all the other basic needs of life? Why not come forward flanked with your wife?

A mother takes care of her son till her last breath thinking he will always remain a child for her; a sister fights and looks after her brother so that he won't have to face any troubles and wives!! Wives are the most considerate person in any man's life. She fulfills the role of many other women like mother, sister and friend.

They expect not much in return, however she has gone modern. She needs love, care, respect and now-a-days a little extra say, recognition! Is this too hard to give? Aren't all these you men are getting since the beginning of this universe? Then how come you are inane to fulfill all these basic necessities of your wives? Why?

If you are not able to give your wife what she deserves then excuse me for saying this, you are not respecting any woman in your life. Be it your mother, sister, daughter, boss, wife, colleague, friend or any one, you are simply not respecting any of'em.

And if you can't do this, you are not entitled to expect such things in return too!

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