Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Funday :)

Jokes to make you smile and ROFL :)

Define checkmate!

When you tell your girlfriend that you saw a girl on the street who looked exactly like her.

and she asks, "Was she hot?"

You can't say NO
You can't say YES


One IT guy, "Dude! Our engineering degree got wasted. What to do?"

Another, "Sell it on OLX. Wahan sab kuchh bikta hai (everything sells there). Even garbage too..."

Some men can't decide whether weekdays are hectic or weekends
These men are called married men! 

If you are Wrong and you Shut up, you are Wise

But if you are Right and you Shut up, you are Married!

Height of Being Single

Listening to romantic song and thinking
About whom should I think of?

" you know BBM and Whatsapp have been ranked 2nd and 3rd as Best for Gossip?"
"Who is 1st then?"
"Women still rule the world" :D

In a routine checkup...

Nurse to engineer, "Breathe deeply in and slowly exhale. Do it for 3 times"

Engineer, "Ok"

Nurse, "How do you feel now?"

Engg., "Your body spray is simply awesome"

If Gods were IT engineers ::

BRAHMA :: System Installer

VISHNU :: System Supporter

Shiva :: System Programmer

NARAD :: Data Transfer

YAM :: Deleter

MENKA :: Virus!

Early morning, a mother went to wake up her son.

"Wake up son! It's time to go to school"

"But why mom? I don't want to go"

"Give me two reasons why you don't want to go"

"Well...teachers hate me and students hate me too!"

"Oh! That's no reason to not to go to school. C'mon. Get ready"

"Now you give me two reasons mom why should I go to school"

"First, you are 52 years old and second, you are the Principal" 

Side effect of excess study 

A guy went to a restaurant and then he wanted to see the menu. But he forgot what it was called.

After thinking, he said, "Waiter! Get me the syllabus"

A junior in office dialed his boss' number by mistake and ordered for a cup of coffee.

Boss shouted :: Do you know who I am?

Junior :: No.

Boss :: I am the boss.

Junior :: Do you know who I am?

Boss :: No.

Junior :: Thank god and then he disconnected the phone.

Husband is Head of the family.

Then what is wife??

Think! Think!!

Wife is the Neck of the family that can turn the head anywhere.

In a grammar class,

teacher :: HE does not like girls? What is HE in this sentence?

Student :: Gay!!

Perfect guy is not the one who has more money or the most handsome guy you'll meet.
It's the one who knows how to make you smile everyday

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