Friday, 12 April 2013

Stress + Smile = Swimming

Now that I have finished my evening snacks quota, let's start talking my dear blog. It is always so nice to sit with you and tell you my things. You always listen to me patiently and reciprocate in the way that I desire the most - the most sincere and friendly way and...I love it. So let's commence one of my hobbies - Chit-chatting.

The day started normal with usual haste in the morning and then outstanding dose of my fitness class. Since few days, I was being so much haggard after my classes that I seriously had pains everywhere. I wondered what happened all of a sudden to me as it's the first timer in four months that I went into such painful state. After a li'l effort, I figured out what was amiss.

Though I have changed my timings for the summer vacations, the current batch is more vigorous and energy consuming. Advance level of aerobics steps, deadly stretches and non-stop running around along with high voltage western music, bigger crowd and the increased desire to do every step precisely one after the other were taking a toll on me. I had forgotten that heavier work out can only be combated by more rest. And now that I have gotten my cure, I am all fit and fine. Feeling much better.

But something else is amiss too today. That is my happy cheerful mood. I am highly stressed out because of something and having headache too because of it. Anyways, I had lunch and then ran straight to my kid's swimming classes. Surprisingly, I wanted to be out of my home today because usually...his swimming classes timings carry heat and I distaste it a bit. But today I was relaxed to get a reason to be out of home.

I arrived there and did all the formalities with the same throbbing headache. These days he is now practicing in the big pool. As I was observing him, I felt he need to throw himself a little more into the practice. Parents are supposed to sit aloof. When he was standing at the edge of the pool for the first time today, my curiosity was heightened and when he jumped into the water, it reached to its maximum height. I wanted to see whether he'd be able to swim. When I saw him flapping his legs for few seconds with the forearm support of the trainer, a smile suddenly ran across my face. Few words stumped out of my lips automatically,

"Oh my gosh! It's so nice to see him swimming"

I was glad to see him swimming nonetheless it was for few seconds only. Inadvertently, I started dreaming about him swimming like a well trained swimmer! How funny is that! He is just a 7 year old kid, struggling to get his legs (no hands) into the swimming and I have already started dreaming about him becoming an expert swimmer. But this dream made me smile wider.

I remembered a part of my own post 15 expert ways for a Happy You, Dream. I did dream of something that brought a smile to me, making me happy for few seconds.

Now I am back at home and writing this post along with instructing my kid to do some study activities. These days, kids are so much into Ben 10 that I dread one day my kid will also turn into one alien. To make this feeling less horrible, I always coerce him to turn into Cannon Bolt because I love that Ben 10 alien. If he is turning into one, why not something my favorite?

P.S. Now going to read a fresh novel "Nobody dies a virgin" by Sanjay Shukla. Hope to find it a good one. The Oath of the Vayuputras has taken a backseat into my book shelf for a while. May be I'll restart it someday and finish it in one go.


  1. Hi Priyanka,
    I figured out that you are currently reading book authored by me. I would be highly obliged if you can review the same in your blogpost.
    Sanjay Shukla


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