Sunday, 7 April 2013

Need to learn 'Time Management'

Sometimes days become so strange. Now-a-days when I have the luxury of squeezing more time out of my routine yet, I am not able to do things that I like say reading and writing! My husband has given me 'The Oath of the Vayuputras' (The third book of Shiva Trilogy) as my birthday gift but how bizarre is this that where I found ample time to read the first two riveting books of this series which were extremely hard for me to put down for a second, there I am not reading the third one since many days? Not because it is not piquing my curiosity to know what happens finally but I am just not able to extract time out of my schedule. How contradictory that is!!

Sometimes when I am cooking or folding cloths or doing some other stuff, I keep mulling over like "Oh! I haven't read any book since 3-4 days" or "It has been a long time since I have settled down idly to watch TV" and above all, "Damn it! I am not able to do my writing stuff. What has happened to me?" and I keep munching on my own thoughts. This irrigates disgust for my own self :(

But tonight I have decided to whatever happens from tomorrow, I will resuscitate my normal routine of reading, writing and all those hobbies that I love to do. After all, my hobbies define me in a larger way; give me a broader picture of my abilities and extend them too! Also, hobbies give me the motivation to keep on going on everyday basis.

And for doing all this, I guess I will have to learn Time management but harder this time. But guess what? I am all set to learn it :)

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