Thursday, 11 April 2013

I wish him the happiness and comfort

A funny yet interesting moment happened just now and how can I go without mentioning it on my blog? :)

The moment went like this ::

We are at home. I was working on something on my laptop while my husband was busy with his one official call. The call went for around forty minutes. During his call, I was enjoying myself on my laptop by writing and reading something randomly. When my husband returned from his call, he found me smilingly working on the internet.

He paused. I looked at him and asked what happened. He said with a longing in his voice,

"It's soooo nice that you can work from home. With all the comfort, with not much of the burdens and sitting cozily on your bed. You are soo soooo lucky. I wish I could switch my job with yours"

Needless to say, I guffawed at his such cute longing. He continued,

"If I get a chance to stay at home and do all the chores by myself, I will be a happy soul. I will be happy to prepare breakfast and lunch in the morning; I will be happy for making dinner as well. I will do ALL the household chores on a happy note"

I laughed but I felt compassion and a little...pity too for him. Corporate jobs are not easy to deal with but what can I do to ease his such demands apart from saying,

"Hey! It's OK. It happens. Just don't worry. You are doing good man!!"

Then I remembered number of such husbands are increasing all over the world. The work pressure and the challenges they are getting into meet everyday is literally taking the hell out of'em. Everyday is a struggle. That brings no wonder to me if they surreptitiously long for switching their jobs with their home sitting/working wives.

But as I love him truly, I wish him all the happiness and comfort from all over the world. I wish one day he could avail the luxury of sitting on his resting chair, sipping his favorite Lemon tea, enjoying the weather and all this...without any work related or any kind of issues :)

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