Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to squeeze or kill waiting time

Waiting...is one of the most boring time slot when it's lonnggg and you are alone. No bird flocking around, no car screeching a sound and not even a person near you to not to let your beautiful face down. Whether you are waiting for a person, a phone call, a mail, a gift and even the shopkeeper to return so that you can inquire about the staple you need, waiting in all forms may make you go grumpy. And it is very natural, very human.

Then how to tackle this waiting time slot? How to squeeze the waiting time whose one minute teases you like it has grown up as one full day?

Relax folks! When the creator invented problems, it hailed solutions too. There indeed are multiple ways by using which you can tackle/squeeze/kill your waiting time. In fact, you can also turn your waiting time into a fun time.

Squeeze the waiting 

So what's the delay? Let's get started.

1. First is first, stop looking at the watch. Set a timer instead. This way you will automatically come to know when the waiting is over. You won't be fussing around. Keep the watch inside your deepest pocket or on the highest cupboard.

2. Prepare yourself. If you are waiting for your turn for an interview, instead of straining your brain nerves on 'What will happen?', rather focus your attention on 'Am I prepared well?'. Have a close look at yourself, your attire, grooming, documents, whether you are prepared for the questions to be asked etc.

But...if you are waiting for your love (wooooo :D), have a closest look at yourself. Hairdo, outfit, accessories, body posture-gesture etc. are required to be ticked before your love enters the place. But above all, make sure your tongue goes as smooth as your lipstick or hair gel. Your words should chime as Jingle bell in the perfect sync to the ears of your love bird :)

3. Listen to the music. Now-a-days, everyone has a mobile handset. Music player is one of the most basic applications in every one of'em. If you know you are going to wait for long, don't waste anymore time and fill your ear holes with the earphone plugs and start the playlist. If you are out, enjoy the music within but if you are at home waiting, kick yourself and dance or sing or both.

Killing time is an art but killing it with moves is a super-fun art; it will squeeze the waiting time slot before you realize it's over.

4. Do the basics say read books, watch television or movie, internet surfing, play games on the phone, solve puzzles or crossword, buy a gift for someone, chat with someone, walk around, exercise and draw or paint. Whatever you do, it must comes under your preferable choices.

5. Have a golden nap. Why golden? Because you have got a golden chance to steal a nap! Relax yourself and have a quick nap. While this will kill your waiting time, it will also make you feel more ready for the task lay ahead. But don't forget to thank the person who gave you such golden shut eye time ;)

6. Write. Write whatever you want, whatever you like. Be it a funny story of your life, a sad moment, a loving affair, a wonderful time spent on some holiday, preparations about some upcoming event like birthday or marriage anniversary and what not. Just write. In fact, you can use your waiting time to write a letter on a piece of paper and can send it to the concerned person. In this modern era while everyone is becoming tech savvy, they still love real letters written fondly on a page with a good pen. (At least I still like such real letters)

7. Make it fun. Waiting time can be fun too. You just have to do some out-of-the-blue acts...secretly. Assume you are with your favorite celebrity. Talk to him or her. Talk about your admiration, your particular liking. Keep on talking until you get frustrated of yourself and the timer says it time to say good bye to your imaginary celebrity.

Or, give yourself a new make over. Until that person arrives for whom you have set your eyes on the door like a sticky note, try something new. A new hairstyle, a new fashion trend, a new recipe, finish off your old project or give your house a make over.

But if you are outside, focus on the things around. Like how many buses are passing in one minute or around shops. There are whole lot of things to focus around.

8. Call that awaited person. Yes! Call the person for whom you have been waiting to come fast. Keeping someone waiting is not a good manner at all. So dial that person's number and tell him or her to come faster.

9. Walk away. If the person for whom you are waiting is late by a considerate period of time, walk away. DO NOT waste your precious time anymore. This way you will send a message that your time is precious and you don't like waiting beyond the given time slot and you will be doing this all too...by default.

10. Finish another work in the meanwhile. Once I along with my two sisters had to go to see two different doctors. While I was sitting with my doctor, instead of waiting for my session to finish over, my other two sisters went ahead to meet their doctors. This way, we all killed two birds with just one stone.

You also try to finish other task while you wait. Meet a nearby friend, buy the medicine that is finished in your stock, get a new pair of gym shoes or join a gym, get some quick massage at nearby spa center or beauty parlor. Choice is yours.

I have given away a total of ten useful tips to squeeze or kill your waiting time. But whatever you do, it has to be trimmed according to the time slot for which you are bound to wait. Do not do such activities that demands more of your time.

Do these and your waiting time will become a lot more enjoyable...okay a bit :)

Lastly, I came across this image and I couldn't resist myself sharing it. It's too funny!! :) :)

And what if no one is around?
Use above tips of course :)

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