Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to get a deep good night sleep

Sleep is as much required for the body as the food. If food is the fuel to the body, a good deep sleep is the switch to turn the body functions on/off. A good night sleep helps your body to function well, on time and without facing much issues.

Time will keep changing and so will the reasons that can easily take a toll on your good night sleep. So why not pace with the time and try your best to maintain a habit of getting a deep good night sleep every time you go on the bed? If you are nodding, read it on then. I am sure you will find ample effective working tips that can add wonders to your good night sleep.

Sleep like a baby

  • Make a definite sleep pattern. At what time you will hit the bed and what time you should say it a good bye, decide it. But make sure you get at least eight hours of sound uninterrupted sleep. This will re-energize your body to work next day.
  • Some things induces sleep. These are called soporific. Chamomile tea helps you to stimulate sleep. Also, Lavender essential oil is soporific. It induces sleep too. Use a drop on your night dress or few in your bathing water.
  • Use aroma to soothe your nerves. If you are stressed, using aromatic face cream, body lotion or body wash will leave a long lasting soothing effect on your skin. Aromatic candles or perfumes too will do the job. Using them in day time too will help you sleep at night.
  • Do not fidget with electronic gadgets before going to bed. Leave the cards of poker/Spider, balls of Backgammon, snake of Snake, aliens of Ben 10, fighting heroes of Contra, India of Tank etc. inside your gadgets only. They will only stimulate your sensory organs and will make you awake for late night. 
  • Switch off the TV too. Do not watch TV at least one hour prior going to your bed. This will calm your senses and will be helpful in bringing sleep.
  • Do some exercise on bed. If you not getting sleep even after lying down for more than one hour, do some exercise while you are lying down on the bed. Take a deep breath and gradually exhale while concentrating on your navel or any other body part. Count till you exhale completely. Repeat until your eyes get heavy with sleep. Second, inhale-exhale; inhale-exhale; do it frequently. It will let your stress out and also send the signal to your brain that your body is relaxed and it wants to sleep.
  • Do some sleep stimulating activity. Like reading books or listening to music or audio tapes. Watching screen will hinder the sleep stimulating process. But listening helps in getting sleep faster.
  • Take a shower. According to the weather and depending upon your preference, take a hot/cold shower before you crash on the bed. Streams of water will relax you. It will wash away dirt, dust, pollution along with tauten nerves and muscles. 
  • Avoid tea/coffee at least 4-5 hours before you plan to sleep. It takes around 3-4 hours to the body to reduce the effect of caffeine.
  • Fall for love-making. A passionate, rigorous and tiring love-making act is always considered as an effective sleeping pill.
  • Dim the room lights. Bright lights hit the eye muscles and let them feel it's not the time to sleep. If you want your sensory organs to catch the cue of 'It's time to sleep', dim the lights.
  • Think about happy moments. This will flush out the worries and creases from your forehead.
  • Don't take heavy meals in dinner and also, finish your dinner at least 3-4 hours before sleeping. Give stomach too sometime to finish its job. Then only it will let you sleep at nights.
  • Smoking and alcohol kills the good night sleep. They not only increase your anxiety but also will keep your mind awake for a long time. Avoid them as much as possible at night time.
  • Sleep on clean bed. Bed loaded with articles like books, lamps, cloths, laptop, phone, wires etc. is a BIG no no. Bed is for you. keep the articles at their respective places.
  • If you are suffering with insomnia or any other medical condition, consult the doctor. Usually it is advisable for insomniacs to not to sleep in day time if they want a deep good night sleep yet seek for the doctor's advice.
  • Take a nap in daytime. It will help you to rejuvenate for your other work waiting ahead. Also, it repletes the loss of night sleep. But don't take too much naps. Half an hour before lunch is fine.
  • Release yourself before you go to sleep. Drink plenty of water till the evening but later, try to drink less if not very necessary. Excess water will make you feel releasing yourself frequently at nights. So, drink less water.
  • If somehow you are awake till late night (like I am right now) and if you feel hungry (but I am not), opt for light snacks. DO NOT fall for chips, soft drinks, alcohol, left overs etc. etc. Opt for some nuts, fruits, a light sandwich that can digest easily within one hour or so. Opt for high protein snacks instead.
  • A comfortable loose night dress is a wise option to clutch onto the sleep. Tight or saggy cloths will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Change the position/place of your bed. It may help you to bring back far playing sleep. But do it if changing the position/place will not affect you. Sometimes, changing place puffs away my sleep at nights. 
  • Finally, smile and go back to sleep.
I hope I have given away some useful tips. It's getting late and I am also heading for sleep. Yawn! Good night, sleep tight and wish you the next day bright :)


  1. aaahhh to sleep like a baby one of the luxuries of life! interesting reading . hmmm atleast one of the tips mentioned i havent done in a month!! very sad indeed:)

    1. It's not sad indeed because if you look at the brighter side, you have managed to tick the rest of the big list and that's awesome :)


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