Monday, 15 April 2013

Gone with the wind...moments

I hate living like this sometimes...alone, stripped of parents and my siblings :(

The week started on a bad note. And I already know the entire week is already infected by it. (Un)fortunately the weather today is nice. After sinking like Titanic for the whole day and when I found I couldn't withstand with just the four walls and some electronic gadgets anymore, I went upstairs to the terrace with a steaming cup of tea and some low fat biscuits (as I can't imagine myself sipping my tea without any biscuit...if I am in my own territory!!).

When I stepped on the terrace, the cool whiff of breeze stroke my hair and it instantly soothed my aching heart and dull mood. I started strolling here and there while sipping the tea in between. My kid was playing with his aeroplane nearby and to strike the luck on his stride, he got a neighborhood friend to play with. As I was moving my eyes absorbing the surroundings, I saw few people on a building terrace a little far from my own. They seemed to be like a family or similar to that.

 All of a sudden, I started to crave to see my parents followed by siblings too. The longing to see them was so strong that few tears silently rolled down my cheeks. I wiped them out. I called my mother and she was busy in doing the most obvious and the most lucrative thing in any lady's life and that is shopping!! She couldn't talk. Then I called my father who was just there to accompany her (moreover to see how much light his pocket was going to be). I talked to him and told him how my day has started with a very bad note. he smiled and guided me through some teaching of life. I nodded. I told him how much I am missing them and urged them to come here ASAP. But I wish wishes can come true as easily as an onset of a pleasant memory.

Later, I kept strolling for around one and half hours. Then my husband joined in this jaunt and we both talked for few minutes. Now sitting on my couch back at home, I feel lonely from inside. Not that my husband is not there with me but I am craving to be with my parents and hiding myself in their warm and protective cocoon.
My brother is such a wonderful persona and is blessed with the acumen of making simple things hilarious and infecting all of us around with the bouts of laughter. I miss him, his silly jokes and raising-the-eyebrows PJs. I miss my intelligent egg-headed sister too. She must be in her lab spilling solutions here and there on the laboratory table. She finds herself unable to laugh at my PJs yet she herself throws some occasionally. And I bring them in her notice immediately without fail to which she falls for making some excuses. These all tiny things add so much joy, delight and fun in the life.

How unlucky I am for missing all these precious, rare moments. Such moments look like... whoosh! boom!...gone with the wind. That is why I hate to live like this sometimes...alone; away from my family. :(

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