Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Donned a fresh success? Celebrate it then

What pulled me towards writing this post is the moment when I stood on the weighing scale this morning. I simply couldn't believe at the sight and kept staring the digital meter for at least two minutes. It showed me that I have lost 5.5 Kgs (12 lbs approx.)!! I was so delighted finding myself near to my pre-set goal that I literally grinned ear to ear. I am highly satisfied for touching the edge of my goal in less than just four months and still savoring its every bit.

Acknowledging that it is a huge compliment for me, ek chhota sa celebration to banta hai na (This demands for a little celebration). So I did celebrate my success by eating my favorite Chocolate flavored sweet. Not in too much of amount but please myself a little bit, I did take a small bite. And it's all okay!

These little celebrations are what required to keep you motivated and happy-go-lucky soul. There are several tips for celebrating success but I am giving away easy and effective celebration tips to turn it into a bigger long-lasting memoir.

1. Make it a guilt free ride

If you have achieved your goal, make sure you celebrate it as soon as possible to retain its freshness. But whatever you do, do not turn your celebration into a guilt ride under any circumstances. I don't recommend either that you go overboard by crushing your freshly achieved success yet I do recommend to treat yourself with something special you like or love like a bottle of wine or a new set of ear rings!

2. Talk about it

Do I really need to say this? When I was beaming with happiness, there was no such person nearby me with whom I could share my success. Hence I waited for my trainer who is a very jolly and friendly person. I told her about it and she went like "Wow! That's really nice Priyanka" and worked. Later I told my husband and he admired me for my stupendous unbelievable-at-times efforts. My mother was happily surprised to hear about it. But for teasing me, she said, "Only 5.5 Kgs?? Loose total of 10 and then I will be happy for you". So talking about my success did make me happier.

Remember - The more happiness you spread, the more you will get in return.

3. Let's rope in some music 

If you have a high voltage music system instilled with you, put on a long list of your favorite tunes hiked to such volume that whichever place you roam into your house, you can easily enjoy it. Music has the magical ability to uplift the mood. Rock music and fast tracks lets you bang your head inadvertently and that add oodles to your happiness quotient.

Whether you sing or dance or both, do not let yourself sit idle. I love dancing and when I am happy, I just put some of my favorite tunes on the play track and enjoy myself as much as I can. Do it and see the quantum of the joy of your success inflated by manifolds.

4. Register it somewhere

Like I am doing it right now! I am registering my success on my blog and that brings me happiness indeed. Whether you choose to Facebook your success or tweet it or pin it, whatever it is, just register it somewhere. If you breathe with your private journal, make a note of your success there. This will also do the job.

When friends will be commenting back or re-tweeting on your links, you will be highly amused and will go like "Yayy!! Now the whole world is accompanying me on my success expedition".

5. Make a promise to yourself

Goal is achieved and you are going banana over it. Now what? Next step is, make a promise to yourself, a honest one. However you have tried your best to achieve your motto, you will not screw it at any cost. In fact, you will try harder from now on. Like I have done it. Doing so will drill you with a sort of satisfaction, relaxation and a motivation that will never let you stop.

When I told my trainer about my weight loss, she said, "You have been regular Priyanka and that is why you have achieved your goal". I know she is right. The moment I started getting into the shape, I promised myself to be regular to fitness classes and also to keep a sharp eye on my diet regime. This promise has taken me where I am today.

6. Have it your way

It's my saying that whichever is the special day, have it or enjoy it your way. If you like shooting parties, do it. If you like go shopping, run. If you love meeting friends, do not dare to miss a chance. If you like writing about it, start ticking on your keypad or hold a pen right now. If you like eating, eat what you like (a sin for once is allowed). If you wanna sing or dance, shake it baby. And if you like to keep mum about it, make sure it reverberates your soul for a longer time.

The point is, whatever you do to celebrate your success, have it your way. Rolling the dice in your favor will rock the show and you will expeditiously become the show stopper for no doubt.

Now enjoy your success and if you do, don't forget to tell me how :)

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