Monday, 22 April 2013

Do not rape a life as equal as Yours (Rumination on Delhi 5-year-old Rape Case)

Be it five year or fifty year old female, all are same in the eyes of the rapists when it comes to satiate their upright monster. It is often said, Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. Here I can say, Brutality lies in the eyes of a rapist.

I am failing at thinking what to write here yet I want to express the blankness of my mind. The hatred for such men (rapists) is too strong to suppress. Why they do it? For few minutes of pleasure or to take a revenge on the girl or on someone else? Or, to take out merely the frustration caused by something else? Are they naturally mentally sick? Or, do they commit such sickening crimes just to declare themselves so?

Whatever is the question or the answer tagged to them, I don't give a damn about it. All I care about is, Save Girls, Save Humanity. DO NOT RAPE A LIFE AS EQUAL AS YOURS.

Because rape is not a joke!!
What if we women start to do the same with men? Yes!! Don't raise your eye-brows at it. In many countries, even men are also robbed and snatched of their dignities by women. Just because females have a hole and rapists' have many loopholes, that does not mean such men can not be punished through the same way. They can also be raped!! By women!! By the same gender whom they have been harassing and enjoying their miseries since centuries!! The way would be different of course, but would equalize the same terror in the eyes tugged by the same horrifying feeling.

Yesternight my husband was telling me some thing very interesting that made me going "Gosh! How can he do it?" and "Shame on him" kind of eyes-widening expressions. He told me about a king happened to be many centuries ago (In Rome). In his reign, it was a ritual that whoever man got married, that king would sleep with his newly wed wife first! And then the actual husband can proceed for the same for the rest of his married life (like the king was doing some favor to the husband).

Isn't it sickening to hear it? This sinful act is no less a shame than harassing women or to rape them. The first thought thudded through my head was, how the newly wedded wives would have been felt? How would they able to inveigle themselves to sleep with other man (the king was of course another man no matter how much power he held) on the first night of their freshly started married life? And then another thought also popped up. How the hell that king managed to behave like a super male nymphomaniac? Because there would be happening a stretch of numerous weddings every season. And what about communal marriage? What the king would have been doing that day to maintain and respect his own created selfish ritual?

It sucks. I still can vomit at such awful realities of life.

That king was no doubt a highest class rapist; he was a socially accepted rapist, declared well by the law as King.

Such horrendous rape cases are happening so frequently that sometimes, I find myself at the loss of counting which was more brutal? 16th November 2012 Delhi moving bus rape case or this Delhi 5 year old one? There happened many more in between. But sometimes brutality itself seeks limelight. It shows its true color not on everyone and to those it has shown its mercy have immediately spread like a fire in the jungle. Those cases hogged stupendous amount of media and country alert.

I'd like to raise my voice here. The solution does not lie outside. Establishing special courts, increasing police patrolling and number of lady inspectors, branching out for new tougher laws etc. can be helpful at the secondary stage. The primary stage is, help mankind with his thought procedure. Whoever the girl is, whatever she is wearing, wherever she is going, she lives in a free country and men do not have any such right to demolish her dignity hence freedom by a few minutes rape act.

Drill it into their minds. Tattoo it all over their mentality. Teach it how does it feel to get molested, harassed or raped. Show them the consequences. Make them the part of the consequences. Let them take care of their own victims under some mature adult supervision. Let them dress their victims' wounds. Let them advice what now for the victims who are alive to bear a crippled life. Let them fire their dead victims' funerals by their own hands. Let them collect the ashes and drift in the water. Let them do everything that can sensitize them about what obsequiousness/evil act they had performed.

Sometimes, it brings a shame to be a human.

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