Saturday, 27 April 2013

A fun post for all guys (The centenary post)

Sorry guys (boys and men)! There is no fun post here. I had to put the title just to catch your attention. This post is not a fun post albeit you will find something interesting to read, I believe.

This post is the fruition of tumultuous thoughts that come with newspapers everyday. Every now and then, at least one common news is pasted on the papers. Names are changed, locations have tossed, age is no barrier and even the measure of mental sickness varies but one thing remains unarguably constant.

A girl has been raped.

Yesterday there was this news on the front page. A 19 yr. old girl was waiting for the bus at 7 in the morning. She just came out of the church and was standing at the roadside when a Scorpio (car) stopped in front of her. One guy peeked out to locate a address written on the paper and when the unlucky lass went nearer to the car, she was snatched and taken inside the car. Not to mention, she was dumped after few hours, completely destroyed, devastated and strewn of her dignity.

Currently that girl is under treatment but does it matter anymore whether she will make it to another life? Her life is already squeezed out of the meaning she had. Even if she somehow manages to make it, will her life remain the same? Will she ever be able to breathe a dollop of freedom again? No.

Why do you do it guys? I don't say every guy is the same but for those who commit such things, I'd hate to ask. Why to rupture someone's peace of mind by smothering its core? Can't you see the amount of pain you cause to a soul that is as human and as worthy as you? Have you ever thought of what next for the victim? Or, your role was alive till the moment you have spurted out your pleasure?

Eye-widening increased number of rape cases shows it's the downfall of humanity. The dooms day would be coming very soon or, I wish the same. There are so many lives you guys have been dooming lately then how about for the entire human race? Like no study no confusion, the same goes for no human no downfall.

What would you do if you get to know that your sister, mother or wife has gotten raped today? Would you be able to breathe or survive or live? If no, think of those victims. They are also a sister, mother or a wife to someone. They carry the same responsibility of the family's prestige as the females in your lives do. If you have even an iota equivalent of respect for the females, change your mindset, change the idea of acquiring pleasure.

This post is to tell that it's not women who need help but it's you guys who are in a desperate need of help. You need to be taught by the morals of life and certain traits of acceptable habits.

  • Sow the seed of love and care and then let the tree of respect grow invariably with you.
  • Pleasure is something that everyone wants to get their hands on. But wait a minute! How about doubling it up by making someone smile but not cry. Grow the habit of helping others, not to help your helpless protuberance that can put you on shame.
  • Life is what you make of it but life is also what you think of it. If you think of a life a measly walking stone, you will never make a good out of your own life. So, if you respect for your life, respect for females' too.
  • If you have a stupendously troubling libido, seek for help. Go to doctors, not to girls. There are also rehabilitation centers made for such guys. They will definitely do something better and socially acceptable to get you rid of such issue.
  • The iota of time you will waste on making someone's life a complete wastage, rather make it more useful by doing some meaningful acts say joining a workshop that can also contribute in drilling a new skill or simply spending time on catching up with old friends. Do something else, not someone else.
  • One night stands will make you stand nowhere on the scale of morals. May be morals do not mean much to you but at the end of the day, the collective record of your done deeds will haunt you somewhere. What will you do then? Then? Think about what you are doing right now, not about what will you do later.
  • Make someone your mentor, a teacher to whom you can look up to. These days when generations believe in 'I-am-enough-for-myself' concept, the utmost requirement of a mentor increased even by manifolds. No one is enough for him/her self. Choose a sensible wise person who can teach you how to curb on negative thoughts and how to trade positive steps.
  • Or, be your own mentor. There are people who have done so wisely and now, they are the mentors of so many people. If you want to be remembered yourself as famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Shakuntala Devi, Kalpana Chawla etc., do something equivalent to them. Be an inspiration not an example of defamation.

It's your choice guys what you want to do with your life. But make sure, no other life gets a chance to curse you. Every heartbroken sigh stitched by your name on it will snatch your happiness and peace of mind...if not today but one day for sure.


  1. Good one! And I liked the trick you played!:) Sensible post with a message!

    1. Thank you Shweta. And hey! It was important to play such trick. Some teaching can not start with serious names to fulfill its purpose :)


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