Monday, 8 April 2013

15 expert ways for a Happy You

Who says staying happy is a hard nut to crack? At least I am not.

Just because our busy lifestyles are crawling into becoming busier everyday and the latest electronic gadgets are eating those time slots that are supposed to be dedicated for the family and friends, that does not mean we can not be privileged to stay happy.

Staying happy needs nothing but little tiny-winy puny efforts that comes in the package with our day to day routines. All we need is, to find them and enjoy them till they are fresh. Below are 15 expert ways of staying happy. Follow them and get a Happy You...instantly!

Smile begets Smile :)

1. Hug someone

Researches show that hugging someone for at least 15 minutes can adorn you with that person't trust. Isn't it wonderful? Everyone feels lovely to be hugged by someone beloved. Hugging releases happy hormones (and that is serotonin) inside the body and that relaxes our nerves and muscles.

So what are you waiting for then? Go and hug someone you know will love to be hugged. But be careful my friend. Do not rush to hug your neighbor or boss. This may put you in serious trouble. ;)

2. Express your love

We love our parents, spouse, friends, kids, family, this one and that one and many ones. But sometimes, once in a while, sending a warm note of love can do the magic on relationships. Once I put a love note inside my husband's lunch box without telling him...obviously. Though he takes his lunch with his friends usually but I put that note in a way that could only be seen by him. That note made him smiling huge and he instantly called me after the lunch. And that was wonderful!!

3. Realize your importance

YOU are important no matter how much you deny the fact. Your mere presence can beautify a moment for someone; your motivational speech can turn a suicidal mind into a survival one; your delicious recipe can make someone happy and by just breathing, you can reward someone with a full fledged life. Your beloveds are relaxed at their respective positions because you are okay.

Your life is just not your own solely; you owe it to many. So realize you are important to many others.

4. De-clutter the area you live in

Expert says that, if the area where you live in mostly is de-cluttered, clean and invites fresh air, it turns on the mood. Throwing away unwanted articles or garbage from the house equals dumping negative thoughts. So clean up your area where you live in. Invite the fresh air, warm sun rays and enjoy the cool breeze of the evenings.

5. Sing and dance like no one is watching

It is a common saying. It means enjoy yourself in way that matters to you only. But if you are good singer topped with suave dancing moves, wonderful!! Play some favorite tunes, put the world out of your window and draw some thick curtains. Now enjoy yourself at the fullest. Literally sing and dance like no one is watching you.

It will take out your stress and let the happiness in. But beware! If you are not good at singing, it's better you sing behind heavy metal doors. (Chuckle)

6. Write love letters or read the old ones

What makes love letters charming and blushing? Its loving content of course. If you have some, read them frequently. Enunciate every word that praises you loudly inside your head and slowly chew on its meaning. It will make you feel happy and beautiful.

If you are one of those unlucky ones who are not blessed by such human divinity, write one love letter today to your girl/boy friend or to your spouse. And if you don't have any of these, fret not. Write a love letter to yourself. Write what you like/love about yourself and how you want to see yourself. At the end, you will be a happy soul.

7. Dream

Dream when you are stressed. I know it's tough but try at least. Dream about something that can please you. And be decent while dreaming. You can dream about a beautiful serene beach with cool blue ruffling water waves; you can dream about winning Indian/American/whatever Idol trophy and for you, fans are going crazy; you can dream about becoming something that you have always craved for. In short, dream about anything that can bring a smile on your face. Dreaming can go crazy too. Just dream. The purpose of this task is :: to bring a smile. If you got it, that's it. The job is done.

8. Give yourself a new make over

Long hair, jeans-t-shirt, a denim jacket and a fashionable footwear. This is your fashion mantra. Right? Time to change the tune. Dare to cut short your hair, wear different trendy outfits and choose new accessories. But do it in a smart way. Choose sensibly to suit your personality.

Researches shows that make overs give a person a high boost up in their confidence and stamina. So rush to the neighborhood boutique today and spend money wisely.

9. Exercise

I know a very common thing to write on every time. But if one thing is being constantly written for a particular purpose, that thing is bound to be contained some magic with it. Isn't it? Exercise flexes your body, increases the blood circulation, makes you feel lighter and guess what? Happier too :)

I do aerobics and I love its every bit, every rhythm, every step and every moment. I do not miss my classes until I am crashed down by some emergency call. So kick yourself and do some exercise. Even 15 sincere minutes can do the job efficiently.

10. Read books

Please!!! Read books. Books are the best companion to one, to every one regardless of the age. Not everyone is infused with book reading disease but infect yourself as early as possible and as much as possible. Books enjoy your company more than your girl friend does!! And what's the other benefit? Books stay silent while your girl friend can keep talking incessantly. Books also do not demand anything in return but a little time regularly. All the more reason to go banana over a good novel.

So start reading TODAY.

11. Learn to accept

They say, "Change what you can't accept and accept what you can't change". You don't own all the problems in the world. Whichever situation you are going through, just accept the reality. If you can help it to make it better, do it but if not, accept it.

Just accepting a fact can do miracles in yourself. I don't say accepting a hurting fact can make you happy but it can relax you at least. It won't give you the angst you don't deserve. So just learn to accept things around you, relax and let the time do its job.

12. Have fun and some 'ME' time

And by fun means those activities that can be tagged as "Socially O.K.". Do not do anything reckless for falling under this category. Fun means to meet your friends, watching a long-awaited movie flick, enjoying new recipes, travelling to some places, trekking, stumbling upon a new hobby, singing, dancing and what not. Basically anything that can pass your time with grins and chuckles.

'ME' time is equally important too. While being socially active is good, finding some alone or 'ME' time is highly recommended. In this time slot, you can do whatever you please to. It will certainly make you a happy you by the last minute ticked by.

13. Realize you are what you want to be

Let's talk about the soft skills here. Do you know, "We always thrive to achieve perfection. But we never realize how perfect we already are"?

We always want to be more patient, more intelligent, more humorous, more sincere, more responsible, more beautiful, more slim and trim, more famous...every time more but have you ever realized that you already are better than what you want for yourself? Yes! it's true. A little hodge-podge is allowed in everyone's personality. Take a new look at yourself and are almost there to your goals.

14. Take on a new activity

Like keeping a pet, joining a NGO, helping someone in need or doing a new task every day depending upon your choice and schedule. Taking on a new activity drills you with a motivation and when you complete the task, you feel happy. Pets brings more smiles in one's life; helping needy people anywhere attracts happiness and fulfilling a new task too allures the positivity. Whatever you chose, make sure it brings smiles to you at the end.

15. Read my blog

Yes. Why not? My blog is very nice I believe. Many people have told me how good they feel when they nibble on the words I put on the plate of my blog. They enjoy my words, my posts and the way I write. If they are happy reading this, I am sure you can also smile reading it too.

I try my best to make my blog as positive as I can. So go on. Make it a habit of reading my blog regularly. If you are nice enough to bring smiles to me then write a comment on my posts and if you are more willing to bring more happiness to me, join the site. I am also human and I also want to stay happy. Agree? ;)


  1. I vouch that all of the above work! ;) Instant happiness guaranteed! :)

  2. Really good work!! can bring smile on anyone's face instantly :)


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